Winter 2014 Scheduling Open!

There are many exciting things coming your way in the Winter Season! Our newest program, Organizer Rewards, is our way of saying thank you for all of the effort organizers put into supporting their local Magic communities. Organizers will earn Organizer Rewards Points that unlock exclusive benefits when scheduling, free events, and more!

Also, all Winter Season events that include a Swag Pack or Premium Swag Pack will receive an exclusive Limited Edition Liz Nugent Creature Collection Penguin Pin! This high-quality detailed pin will only be available through our In-Store Programs Swag Pack and Premium Swag Pack purchases. Each Swag Pack will contain one pin, and Premium Swag Packs will contain two. These will only be included while supplies last, and our quantity is limited. Order yours today!

Success in the Southwest

This month’s Store Spotlight focuses on Black Gold, located in Littleton, Colorado. Owner Carl Van Laethem talked with us about running successful Invitational Qualifiers and keeping up with a busy store. He started his business in the mid-90’s, focusing solely on sports memorabilia. Around the time Mirrodin was released, Carl had so many requests for Magic cards that he decided to devote a section of his shop to the game. Carl noticed the drawing power of the game right away, and within six months his store reached Advanced status with the Wizard’s Play Network. As Magic began to take over his sales, he made the move to a new location across the street from his previous one to devote “all of my energy to Magic.” Carl prides himself in maintaining a safe, clean, and fun environment for all of his customers.

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Three Steps to Repeat Business

The key to any business is repeat business, and gaming stores are no different. Here are some tips to help you turn new faces into repeat customers.

Social Media – Do you have a Facebook page? Have you claimed your URL so you can be Do your local players know what that URL is, and do you tell them at every opportunity to Like it? Is your event schedule there 100% accurate and up to date? Have you uploaded any photos recently of winners or just gamers battling and having fun? All of these things are crucial to improving your social presence and keeping players aware and engaged with your store. Offer incentives for new players to like your page to prod those who think they won’t be back often to go ahead and do it anyway. Read more

My IQ is finished, what do I do now?

Congratulations! You completed your event. All of the planning and preparation has lead to this final moment when you hand the blue envelope over to your champion. Now what do you do?

Step 1: Take A Picture Of The Winner!

The best place to do this is in front of one of your store’s logos. Ensure they have their envelope and/or cash in hand, as it makes for an exciting experience for the player to have their picture taken with their loot. Read more