Premium Plus Swag Packs Now Available!

Have you heard the news? Premium Plus Swag Packs, our newest addition to our line of promotional items, have finally arrived! They contain all of the items you love from the Premium Swag Pack along with eight randomly assorted out-of-print Invitational Qualifier and Open Trial playmats from previous seasons. You can add one to your event for the low price of $70! That’s twelve playmats and more for less than three entry fees!

Premium Plus Swag Packs are now available for purchase for the remainder of the Fall 2013 season. Starting in 2014, Premium Plus Swag Packs will also award 80 Organizer Rewards Points with all Open Trial and Invitational Qualifier events. Take advantage of this amazing value today!

The Art of Running a Successful Store

If you’ve ever done some research online about obtaining original Magic artwork, you’ve probably already heard of Organizer and avid art lover Mark Aronowitz. When I interviewed Mark, he had recently returned from “hanging out” at Melissa Benson’s house. In addition to having impressive business relationships with several Magic artists, he has also run several successful Invitational Qualifiers.

When I asked about his store’s history with Magic: The Gathering, Mark told me that they started selling cards “two weeks before The Dark came out” and he was sorry to have missed out on buying Alpha through Legends at regular price. His relationship with Magic artists stretches back eight years, when he first started selling artists’ prints and books with original drawings added by artists.

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Putting Your Face on Facebook

While almost all Organizers have Facebook pages for their stores, not everyone takes full advantage of the amazing power it puts at your disposal. Here are a few simple tips for getting maximum value out of Facebook.

Make A Page – Don’t just create a new account for your store; make an actual page for it. You can do this by clicking on Create a Page at the very bottom of the screen and following the simple instructions. If your store has a Facebook page, we will link to it as the event location.

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How can I earn bonus Organizer Rewards Points?

Organizer Rewards Points are more valuable than ever! Not only can you use them to purchase free events, but they also unlock special benefits such as advance scheduling, priority approval, and more! Earning Organizer Rewards Points is so easy–simply run events! We’ve also added the ability to earn bonus Organizer Rewards Points by doing what you are already required to do for your events: pay and report your events on time!

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