The Game Night Event Finder is Now Live!

The Game Night Event Finder is now live! You may have noticed a place in Organizer Toolsto add your store website under “My Information.” This URL, whether it’s your store’s website or Facebook page, will show up along with your store’s name, location, and other contact information. If you have questions about Game Night or its exclusive Event Finder, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist. Check out this month’s Mailbag to learn about all the ways we advertise Game Night!

Grow your Store, Grow the Game

CM Games in eastern Tennessee has run Invitational Qualifiers since the program began, part of a fourteen-year stretch of running Magic: The Gathering events. Their six stores and player bases have grown along with the In-Store Programs. I asked Mat and Steve, the tournament organizer and owner, respectively, how our program offerings have benefited them over the last three years.

I began asking about the pros and cons of running so many Magic tournaments at multiple stores and there were surprisingly few cons for CM Games. While they had some issues when they started running events at more than one store, things are now running “like clockwork.” The largest pro is their ability to advertise in-store and via word of mouth through their network of stores. Of course, they have to plan meticulously to prevent overlap while avoiding conflicts with other events in the area.

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Planning for Success Part 2

You have successfully advertised your event so that anyone in your region who would play is coming. This success has caused a crowd way larger than you expected to show up! It seems like a good problem to have, but delays and other unprofessional behavior can cause a seasoned player expecting a well-run tournament to leave with a bitter taste in the mouth. Do you know the maximum number your tournament hall can hold? Do you have extra tables and chairs to set up? Do you have instructions for overflow parking? Do you have an absolute maximum, and if so, have you advertised this? At the end of the day you want as many people to leave your event, win or lose, with nothing but positive things to say about your tournament and store. Preparation solves problems before they start.

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Where will my Game Night be advertised?

In addition to your local advertising, Game Night will be featured on many places throughout media channels. All of your store information, including your website, will be listed on the exclusive Game Night Event Finder, presenting your store to Magic players in your region! The Game Night Event Finder will be linked prominently on all pages of, featured on SCGLive commercials, and included in our newsletters. In addition, Game Night will be added to our bi-monthly geotargeted event emails.

We’ll include you as soon as we receive your registration and monthly fee, so sign up now to take advantage of this traffic-generating program and get more players in your store each week!