Tales of Adventure

Tales of Adventure and its owner Mike Caffrey ran one of the first Premier IQs in the country. What makes the accomplishment even more remarkable is that this time last year, Tales of Adventure hadn’t opened yet. Before becoming a store owner, Mike worked in another shop and was a Magic judge.

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Where did Swag Packs go?

Each Invitational Qualifier now comes with its own swag, including an exclusive Creature Collection pin, four dice bags, additional playmats, and sixteen StarCityGames.com Premium vouchers!

For organizers who want to give their players something extra, our new Tournament Boosters featuring out-of-print playmats are available. These can be paired with Invitational Qualifiers or ordered on their own.

Here’s a handy reference chart for the new StarCityGames.com IQ contents:

new event kit contents