Byes Now Included in Open Trials!

It’s going to be an exciting year for Organized Play and with today’s announcement, the Open Series is changing formats to an even larger two-day event! Alongside this change, we are pleased to add even more value to Open Trials starting in 2015. Each Open Trial will now include a one-round bye to any Open Series event! Best of all, Open Trials are retaining their current price point of just $100.

Open Trial kits will now include:

  • 1 Open Series free entry voucher
  • 1 Open Series bye
  • 4 Playmats
  • 25 Table tents
  • 1 Promotional poster
  • 4 vouchers for a free month of Premium

In keeping with the flexible nature of the Open Trial, the bye may be awarded based on the criteria you determine for your event – it is not required to be awarded to the winner. To ensure that your players are able to utilize their hard-earned prize, we do ask that you report the recipient of the bye via Organizer Tools. You will not be asked to provide IQ level reporting; simply use the first place decklist position in the Event Details to submit the winner’s name and DCI number.

Capitalize on the excitement of these new changes and schedule your 2015 Open Trial today!

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