Enhance your PPTQs with IQS!

Thanks to updated Wizards of the Coast policies, now you can combine your Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) with a StarCityGames.com Invitational Qualifier (IQ)! Take advantage of our advertising and prize support packages to increase the reach and appeal of your event, get more players in your store, and add the security of the SCG Guarantee!

If you’d like to add an IQ to your existing PPTQ, e-mail us or call the In-Store Programs direct line at 540-685-4386. Should your PPTQ fall within a closed IQ scheduling window, we’ll work with you to provide these additional services for your event.

As with all paired events, the Wizards of the Coast offering must receive top billing in all of your advertisements (PPTQ with IQ prizes) and all tournament guidelines for the PPTQ take precedence.

Contact us to schedule a combined PPTQ and IQ!

Open Trials can also be paired with PPTQs. Please follow the same rules and advertise these as PPTQs with OT prizes.

Add your Website to Organizer Tools!

Don’t forget there is now a place in Organizer Tools to add your store website under “My Information.” This URL, whether it’s your store’s website or Facebook page, will be listed along with your store’s name, location, and other contact information in the Game Night Event Finder. The Game Night Event Finder will be linked prominently on all pages of StarCityGames.com and in the bi-monthly geotargeted event emails, featured on SCGLive commercials, and advertised in StarCityGames.com newsletters. If you have questions about Game Night or its exclusive Event Finder, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

Scheduling for March Now Open

Ready to schedule your March In-Store Program events? Sign-ups are now open!

Two important reminders:

No events may be scheduled March 21-22 due to the Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease.

Open Trials prizes now include a bye to an Open Series event!

Schedule your March 2015 StarCityGames.com In-Store Program events here!

Bad weather just hit and I need to cancel my event. What do I do?

First, contact your ISP representative. They’ll work with you to figure out the best course of action.

If we can reschedule your event: Make sure to post on your event’s StarCityGames.com Facebook page and do your best to let local players know about the changed date.

If we can’t reschedule your event: We will offer you credit toward your next event or a full refund so your next event has every chance to be a success.

Weather happens and we get that. We had to cancel an Open in February 2014 because of a snowstorm, so you’re not alone! Just remember: talk to your ISP representative as soon as possible. That gives us the most options and the best chance to accommodate you.