ISP IQ Survey Winners!

Thank you to everyone who took our survey about IQs! We’re happy to announce the winners of our Creature Collection Parody bundle prizes.

Alexander Hamilton of Gamestorm Gaming and Aaron Frey of The District Company have won our big prize, a year’s worth of Creature Collection Parody bundles starting with Eturtle Witness! Chris Gilmore of FCB Comics & Games and Michael Arrowsmith of TJ Collectibles have won an Eturtle Witness Creature Collection Parody bundle.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again to everyone who took our IQ survey!

I have extra/leftover Game Night products. What can I do with them?

We realize that in some months, you’ll have extra products in your Game Night event kits.  We recommend using those prizes to supplement other events. For example, why not use extra pins and tokens to supplement a certain Game Night’s prize pool? They also make great door prizes. If you have a regularly run non-Game Night event, adding your “fifth week” prizes to that event once a month will let players know what they’re missing!

If you choose to sell your leftover prizes, please make sure to wait until the month is over before doing so; for example, no selling an extra February Game Night prize until March 1.

For more information, visit our Game Night FAQ or our Terms and Conditions.

Customer Service Update

As you might have heard, there’s a lot of winter weather going on around the country. Roanoke, home of, is no different. We’ve been hit with repeated bouts of snow, iced roads, and rolling power and Internet outages which has resulted in our offices being closed for a majority of this week.

We are working hard to get caught up on email and phone requests and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.  Event kit shipments have not been affected.

We apologize for this interruption in service and look forward to returning to a normal customer service experience soon!

Bundle Up! Squirrel Series Retailer Bundles Are Here!

Do your customers love the Creature Collection? If so, you’ll love our Retailer Bundles! Each Retailer Bundle is a $154.85 retail value available to store owners for just $79.99!

Starting February 12, two of our Squirrel Series designs, Squirrelstorm and Force of Squirrel, will be available in Retailer Bundles for the first time! Each Retailer Bundle contains five dice bags, five 80-count packs of sleeves, and five playmats, all featuring the chosen design.










Bring the furry fun of the Squirrel Series to your store with Squirrel Series Retailer Bundles!

Win a Year of Parody Retailer Bundles! wants your feedback on our Invitational Qualifier (IQ) event kits!

Take our five-minute survey for organizers and fill out the information at the end to enter our prize drawing! Two lucky winners will receive four Creature Collection Parody Series Retailer Bundles, including Eturtle Witness and the next three designs—a whole year’s worth! Two more lucky winners will get an Eturtle Witness Retailer Bundle.

The survey closes at 6 PM Eastern time on February 20, 2015. We thank you for your time and your business!


May Event Scheduling Now Open!

Ready to schedule your May In-Store Program events? Sign-ups are open now!

Important reminders:

  • Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th and may affect player turnout at some events.
  • Many college and high school graduations occur in the month of May, so please be cautious of local graduations when scheduling your events.

Schedule your May 2015 In-Store Program events in Organizer Tools today!

Get More Advertising for Your PPTQ/GPT Events!

Pairing your Open Trial or Invitational Qualifier with a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) or Grand Prix Trial (GPT)? Now you can let us know when you make the request! Just select the appropriate paired tournament in the dropdown menu on the requests page – no follow-up calls or e-mails required!

pptq dropdown

Using the dropdown menu will improve advertising for your ISP event! It will be labeled as a PPTQ or GPT in the front page sidebar, the SCG event finder, and geotargeted e-mails.

The dropdown menu is available for Open Trials and all levels of Invitational Qualifiers. It does not apply to other events or the Tournament Booster.

I’m a new organizer and I want to run Game Night in my store. What do I need to do?

Game Night is a great program for new organizers because it’s flexible and easy to implement. Would you like to run a tournament every week? You can run Game Night!

To start with Game Night, you need to have a brick-and-mortar store and membership in the Wizards Play Network, or WPN.

Once you have signed up as a Organizer and been approved, all you have to do is use the “Click to Enroll” button in Organizer Tools and you will be signed up for next month’s Game Night!

Game Night can be run any night of the week, as a new tournament or an add-on to tournaments already in your store, and you may distribute the Game Night prizes however you like.

Questions? Contact and we’ll be happy to assist.

Store Spotlight: Worlds Away

The Store Spotlight is going international! Midway between Detroit, Michigan and Toronto, Ontario lies the Canadian city of London, where Brad Ashton-Haiste runs In-Store Programs and other tournaments at his store, Worlds Away.

For a city that may not be familiar stateside, “London, Ontario has a huge Magic scene, one of the biggest per capita in Canada,” said Ashton-Haiste. “The population of the city and surrounding area is about 350,000, and there are six stores that run competitive tournaments, plus the clubs at the university and college…it’s remarkable how vibrant the scene is.”

Worlds Away located in London, Ontario, Canada.

Worlds Away located in London, Ontario, Canada.

Ashton-Haiste was among the earliest players of Magic, and he started selling the game in 1994, the year after its debut. Tournaments came soon after: “I ran my first Magic tournament in late 1997. It was at another location, it was freezing out, the furnace was broken and two space heaters were in overdrive, but everyone had a blast.”

Ashton-Haiste and Worlds Away have come far since then: “I’ve run more than 3,000 tournaments, seven or eight a week at this stage, and I’m about to stage my first Preliminary PTQ. I’m also very fortunate in other ways; one of the guys that volunteers at the store on weekends, Rick Miles, is my best friend and a Level 2 judge. I never have to worry about finding a judge for any of my SCG IQs, GPTs or PPTQs. That’s very special.”

As a longtime tournament organizer who’s never far from the leading edge of in-store play—he ran midnight “Sneak Peek” tournaments before they became a Prerelease tradition, and after Wizards announced Friday Night Magic, Worlds Away started Friday night tournaments two weeks early—Ashton-Haiste has held his share of cool and unusual tournaments. “I’ve run Halloween events where everyone had to play mono-black; red, white, and green Christmas tourneys; and other goofy combinations. … The best thing I’ve ever done was starting a store championship. Players earn points at all sanctioned events and the Top 32 are entered into a free five-round tournament at the end of the year. After cutting to Top 8, they draft for free. Everyone in the Top 8 receives a glass mug and the winner a stained-glass trophy. It has generated enormous interest.”

Worlds Away preparing for their Fate Reforged Prerelease on January 17th, 2015.

Worlds Away preparing for their Fate Reforged Prerelease on January 17th, 2015.

Ashton-Haiste believes the small things really aren’t when it comes to running a store. Take the life-total pads he purchased from “Earlier I had store pens made, so it’s cool to give players a free pen and life pad before a tournament. I haven’t given them all out, but one day I’ll need more!” He also saves commons and uncommons that his regulars would throw out and gives them to youngsters starting out or players who can’t afford to buy many packs. He adds, “After I’ve opened several cases of a set, I have tons of extra cards, so I give a lot of them away as well.”

Other small steps that help: “The most important part of running an event is having an attractive prize pool. Adding a few extra prizes goes a long way in building customer loyalty. And sell cheap junk food…gamers love cheap junk food.”

All those tournaments and perks come down to Ashton-Haiste’s one big rule for organizers: “Just listen to your players. Ask what tournaments they want…and be nice. You can’t keep everyone happy, but you have to try.”

Order Your 2015 Creature Collection Retailer Bundles!

The Creature Collection is bigger and better than ever in 2015 and we’re excited to offer you special Creature Collection Retailer Bundles of our first-quarter designs! Our first-quarter Creature Collection designs match the Game Night themes from January through March, making them a great way to add value to those weekly tournaments in particular and all your Magic tournaments in general. Our adorable Creature Collection products also make great impulse purchases in your store and at events!

The magic number for the first-quarter 2015 Creature Collection Retailer Bundle is “three.” Each first-quarter 2015 Creature Collection Retailer Bundle contains:

  • Three designs (Mammoth, Wolf, Rat)
  • Three complete product sets for each design
  • Three items in each product set (playmat, pack of sleeves, and dice bag)

Each 27-item Creature Collection Retailer Bundle, a $233.73 retail value, is available for just $124.99!

First Quarter 2015 Creature Collection Retailer Bundle includes Mammoth, Wolf and Rat! is also offering first-quarter 2015 Parody Retailer Bundles! These bundles feature our new card parody, Eturtle Witness, and includes FIVE Eturtle Witness playmats, sleeve packs, and dice bags. Each 15-item Parody Retailer Bundle, a $154.85 retail value, is available for only $79.99!

First Quarter 2015 Creature Collection Parody Retailer Bundle features Eturtle Witness

Order your Creature Collection Retailer Bundles and Parody Retailer Bundles now!