Exclusive Opportunity for your Prerelease!

For years, StarCityGames.com has created exclusive playmats to offer at our own Prereleases. If we have any leftovers, we offer them on our website the following Monday and often sell out extremely quickly. We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding this promotion so In-Store Programs Organizers can get now offer the same exclusive playmats to […]

August StarCityGames.com® In-Store Programs event scheduling now available!

The SCG In-Store Programs event scheduling window for August 2016 is now OPEN!
Here’s some dates to be aware of:
  • August 6th is the SCG Regional Championships. No ISP events will be scheduled during this weekend.
  • August 13-14 Syracuse Open Weekend and Grand Prix Portland
  • August 19-21 New Jersey Invitational Weekend
  • August 26-28 Grand Prix Indianapolis

Schedule your August SCG In-Store Programs events NOW!

Best Wishes,

StarCityGames.com® In-Store Programs Team