Exclusive Playmat for your Prerelease!

We are excited to once again offer our incredibly popular Prerelease Exclusive Creature Collection Playmats to our StarCityGames.com In-Store Programs Organizers! These playmats can be offered as participation items, early registration incentives, prizes, or however you wish to bring in more fans and enhance the Prerelease experience in your store! You can also have your […]

October StarCityGames.com® In-Store Programs event scheduling now available!

The SCG In-Store Programs event scheduling window for October 2016 is now OPEN!
Events between October and December will feature our new Invitational Qualifier playmat with art by Kristen Plescow.
Brass jaw

“Brass Jaw” by Kristen Plescow.

Here are some dates to be aware of:
  • October 1st – 2nd – SCG Tour Indianapolis
  • October 7th – 9th – GP Atlanta
  • October 15th – 16th – SCG Regional Championships Weekend
  • October 22nd – 23rd – SCG Tour Milwaukee, GP Providence, Kaladesh Game Day

Schedule your October SCG In-Store Programs events NOW!

Best Wishes,

StarCityGames.com® In-Store Programs Team