New Organizer Points Redemption Offer!

We are thrilled to let you know that we have a new Organizer Points redemption option that will be available until December 31st. We are offering a bundle of attractive sleeves that you are welcome to resell or use for prizes at your store.

Each bundle includes 15 packs of 80 ct. Double-Matte Sleeves and 10 packs of 80 ct. Creature Collection Sleeves.

To use your Organizer Points to redeem this offer, simply go to the Point Store in Organizer Tools and select the Organizer Points Sleeve Bundle. We will then create an event in your account that will be payable with the coupon code you receive.

Exclusive Opportunity for your Prerelease!

We are excited to once again offer our incredibly popular Prerelease Exclusive Creature Collection Playmats to our In-Store Programs Organizers! These playmats can be offered as participation items, early registration incentives, prizes, or however you wish to bring in more fans and enhance the Prerelease experience in your store! You can also have your […]

2017 IQ Scheduling Is Available!

We have many new and exciting changes for Invitational Qualifiers in 2017. Please read about them here!

Events between January and June will feature our new Invitational Qualifier playmat with art by Kristen Plescow.

Here are some dates to be aware of:
  • January 7th – 8th – GP Louisville
  • January 14th – 15th – Aether Revolt Prerelease
  • January 21st – 22nd – Aether Revolt Launch Weekend & Columbus Open Weekend
  • January 28th – 29th – GP San Jose & Richmond Open Weekend
  • February 4th – 5th – PT Aether Revolt & SCG Regional Championships
  • February 11th – 12th – GP Pittsburgh & Aether Revolt Game Day
  • February 18th – 19th – Baltimore Open Weekend
  • February 25th – 26th – Indianapolis Open Weekend

Schedule your December SCG In-Store Programs events NOW!

Best Wishes,® In-Store Programs Team

Earn 10% Off Your Next Invitational Qualifier!

One of the 2017 Invitational Qualifier changes we’re most excited about will be our ability to explore new ways to reward organizers and provide deals on events. We’re getting started with this deal.

Every time you host an Invitational Qualifier and turn in your Wizards Event Reporter File and Decklists by 12 PM Tuesday following the IQ, we will send you a coupon for 10% off your next Invitational Qualifier or Invitational Qualifier Plus.

As long as you report your events by noon on Tuesday, you can continue to upgrade to IQ Plus and still pay $5 less than the normal event fee, or you can host another IQ with $35 off!