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Thank you for ordering the Owl of Devastation playmat.

For additional exposure, please tweet @starcitygames with pictures of your playmats, and we’ll retweet!
To ensure that we can retweet your picture: 
  • Please take the photo in good lighting and be sure to capture your logo.
  • Use @starcitygames and #SCGPrereleasePlaymats in your tweet.
Thank you again for working with us to bring our Prerelease Playmat Program to your players!

September Scheduling Now Available!

Unable to get your logo on your Top 8 mats in August? As long as you schedule an IQ Plus event for September and get us your logo and payment within the first five (5) days of scheduling, you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Included with IQ PLUS


Here are some important dates to consider for September:

September 2 – 3: Labor Day Weekend, GP Washington DC

September 16 – 17: SCG Louisville

September 23 – 24: Ixalan Prerelease Weekend

September 30: Ixalan Launch Weekend, GP Providence

Schedule your September SCG In-Store Programs events NOW!

Best Wishes,® In-Store Programs Team