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Weekday Warriors

The U.S. East Coast has opportunities every weekend in most states to play competitive Magic: the Gathering. The downside to this is that stores are bound to conflict with each other or skip some weekends to avoid hurting their neighbors. Steve LaManna of Get There Games in Staten Island, NY had to have more than […]

Learn to Play, Love to Play

Pulling up stakes and leaving a store in Montana to start a new business in Tampa, Florida can’t be easy, but Todd Schreier of Learn 2 Play Games makes it look that way. Within four weeks of opening, Learn 2 Play reached Advanced on the Wizards Play Network and regularly hosts successful Invitational Qualifiers. While […]

EV Heroes

Ask any competitive Magic player how a tournament’s EV (expected value) factors into deciding between which tournament to attend, and the higher EV tournament will win every time. Matthew Rubio of Game Heroes in Arvada, Colorado, knows this and has had great success by increasing the minimum prize payout at his store’s, StarCityGames.com Invitational Qualifiers. […]

Gamers Giving Back

You may have heard of this month’s featured store on Daily MTG back in November. Derrick Sheets of Game On Chattanooga was able to take some time out of his busy Prerelease weekend to answer some questions about his store, his Grub for Gamers event, and how to keep players coming back. I asked Derrick […]

Preparation for Profit

How does a store that’s been open for only a month get over 70 players at their first Invitational Qualifier? How did that impact the store running the event? I asked Jennifer Dery, tournament organizer at Comics and Gaming — Culpeper, these questions about their recent super-successful Invitational Qualifier. The Culpeper location opened up exactly […]

The Nomad Way

A StarCityGames.com organizer that does an amazing job of publicizing itself is the Nomad Game Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I interviewed Dino Boni about some of the awesome things they’re doing at this store. Nomad opened in March 2012 and made it up to Advanced level in just a few months. One of the […]

The Art of Running a Successful Store

If you’ve ever done some research online about obtaining original Magic artwork, you’ve probably already heard of StarCityGames.com Organizer and avid art lover Mark Aronowitz. When I interviewed Mark, he had recently returned from “hanging out” at Melissa Benson’s house. In addition to having impressive business relationships with several Magic artists, he has also run […]

Masters of the Open Trials

Bienvenidos to our first Store Spotlight, tournament organizers! Each month we’ll share the experiences and insights of veteran StarCityGames.com tournament organizers. We’re going to begin with the store that has run more Open Trials than anyone else so far: Comic Town in Columbus, Ohio. They have scheduled an amazing 22 Open Trials in addition to […]