How do I give out my IQ items?

You may have noticed that your Invitational Qualifier (IQ) kit contains a new mix of items. We’ve listened to feedback from organizers like you and put together a kit that better meets your needs.

The IQ kit items fall into two categories: those that must go to specific individuals and those you can distribute as you see fit.

To specific individuals:

Judge playmats. A new product intended for event judges only, starting with the Head Judge of the IQ. Make sure to look at the corner logo so you don’t get the Judge playmats mixed up with the Top 8 prizes!

Top 8 playmats and pins. These go to the Top 8 competitors as usual.

Distribute as you like:

Tokens, regular and foil. Regular tokens make great entry gifts (the first players to register, for instance) and the new foil tokens are awesome as door prizes! How you distribute the tokens is up to you!

SCG Premium vouchers. Our SCG Premium vouchers also make great door prizes! Depending on your store environment, you may want to give these to top finishers instead. It’s all up to you!

We hope you enjoy the new IQ kit! Questions? Feedback? E-mail us at [email protected]!

How should I give out the new IQ items?

As you may have read, we’re changing up the IQ kits we send out for May. These event kits will now include non-foil Invitational champion tokens. We suggest using these as door prizes or providing them to the top finishers at your event.

For July and beyond, we also will be including foil Invitational winner tokens and Judge playmats in each of your event kits. These vary by amount based on the type of event you’re running.

The Judge playmats (1 per IQ, 2 per Super IQ, 4 per Elite IQ, 8 per Premier IQ) should go to the judge(s) of record for your event. They make your event run, so make them feel special!


The foil Invitational winner tokens are yours to distribute as you see fit, but we suggest awarding them to top finishers. Make your IQ Top 8 (or Super IQ Top 12, or Elite IQ Top 16, or Premier IQ Top 50) feel even better about their results! Alternatively the foil tokens may be used as door prizes.





Why did my Game Night get cancelled?

If your Game Night was cancelled, this means we did not receive your event fee before the due date. Game Night event fees are due on the 10th of the month before each Game Night.

To avoid cancelled Game Nights, we recommend enrollment in our Automated Recurring Billing system. Our ARB means your Game Night event fees always will be paid on time.

To reinstate your Game Night or enroll in automated billing, please e-mail our Game Night representatives at [email protected]

I have extra/leftover Game Night products. What can I do with them?

We realize that in some months, you’ll have extra products in your Game Night event kits.  We recommend using those prizes to supplement other events. For example, why not use extra pins and tokens to supplement a certain Game Night’s prize pool? They also make great door prizes. If you have a regularly run non-Game Night event, adding your “fifth week” prizes to that event once a month will let players know what they’re missing!

If you choose to sell your leftover prizes, please make sure to wait until the month is over before doing so; for example, no selling an extra February Game Night prize until March 1.

For more information, visit our Game Night FAQ or our Terms and Conditions.

I’m a new organizer and I want to run Game Night in my store. What do I need to do?

Game Night is a great program for new organizers because it’s flexible and easy to implement. Would you like to run a tournament every week? You can run Game Night!

To start with Game Night, you need to have a brick-and-mortar store and membership in the Wizards Play Network, or WPN.

Once you have signed up as a Organizer and been approved, all you have to do is use the “Click to Enroll” button in Organizer Tools and you will be signed up for next month’s Game Night!

Game Night can be run any night of the week, as a new tournament or an add-on to tournaments already in your store, and you may distribute the Game Night prizes however you like.

Questions? Contact [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist.

Bad weather just hit and I need to cancel my event. What do I do?

First, contact your ISP representative. They’ll work with you to figure out the best course of action.

If we can reschedule your event: Make sure to post on your event’s Facebook page and do your best to let local players know about the changed date.

If we can’t reschedule your event: We will offer you credit toward your next event or a full refund so your next event has every chance to be a success.

Weather happens and we get that. We had to cancel an Open in February 2014 because of a snowstorm, so you’re not alone! Just remember: talk to your ISP representative as soon as possible. That gives us the most options and the best chance to accommodate you.

What day of the week is best for my Game Night?

Whenever you want to see more Magic played in your store! No one day of the week is right for everyone, and flexibility is one of Game Night’s greatest strengths.

Read more

Where did Swag Packs go?

Each Invitational Qualifier now comes with its own swag, including an exclusive Creature Collection pin, four dice bags, additional playmats, and sixteen Premium vouchers!

For organizers who want to give their players something extra, our new Tournament Boosters featuring out-of-print playmats are available. These can be paired with Invitational Qualifiers or ordered on their own.

Here’s a handy reference chart for the new IQ contents:

new event kit contents

How should I give out my Game Night prizes?

Like most everything with Game Night, prize distribution is entirely up to you, the organizer. There really is no wrong way to hand out the prizes as long as they’re going to your players on Game Night. That said, here are a few tips to help you decide on a Game Night prize structure that will increase your Magic customer traffic on Wednesday nights. Read more

Where will my Game Night be advertised?

In addition to your local advertising, Game Night will be featured on many places throughout media channels. All of your store information, including your website, will be listed on the exclusive Game Night Event Finder, presenting your store to Magic players in your region! The Game Night Event Finder will be linked prominently on all pages of, featured on SCGLive commercials, and included in our newsletters. In addition, Game Night will be added to our bi-monthly geotargeted event emails.

We’ll include you as soon as we receive your registration and monthly fee, so sign up now to take advantage of this traffic-generating program and get more players in your store each week!