Share Your Events on Social Media!

Use #SCGIQ or #SCGGameNight on Facebook or Twitter and include @starcitygames, and we’ll be sure to like, share, or retweet appropriate posts for more exposure!

Below are two examples along with templates you’re welcome to use. Don’t forget that you can also use our art assets on the Digital Media Kits!




IQ Template Example

Come to our #SCGIQ on DATE @ TIME for an awesome day of competitive #MTG! @starcitygames


Game Night Template Example

Enjoy a fun night of #MTG at #SCGGAMENIGHT with us on DAY @ TIME. @starcitygames


Earn 10% Off Your Next Invitational Qualifier!

One of the 2017 Invitational Qualifier changes we’re most excited about will be our ability to explore new ways to reward organizers and provide deals on events. We’re getting started with this deal.

Every time you host an Invitational Qualifier and turn in your Wizards Event Reporter File and Decklists by 12 PM Tuesday following the IQ, we will send you a coupon for 10% off your next Invitational Qualifier or Invitational Qualifier Plus.

As long as you report your events by noon on Tuesday, you can continue to upgrade to IQ Plus and still pay $5 less than the normal event fee, or you can host another IQ with $35 off!

Choosing the Right Event Date

When running a In-Store Programs event in your store, timing is everything. Whether you’re running Game Night or a $5,000 Premier IQ, keep these scheduling tips in mind.

  • What other Magic events are around me? If the calendar doesn’t show any Magic events nearby, that’s a good sign for yours to be a success. Dueling events near each other on the same weekend hurt both, and the In-Store Programs team avoids scheduling them whenever possible.
  • How far ahead can I plan? The earlier you request an event, the better your chances of getting it. Early approval and payment mean more advertising for your event!
  • Is it a holiday? Major holiday weekends lower attendance as players make other plans.
  • What’s the local school schedule? Especially in college towns, finals, breaks, and graduations can lower attendance. On the other hand, a one-day break within a week (Veteran’s Day, for example) could be the perfect date to host a weekday IQ.
  • What’s the convention schedule? A nearby “fan” convention for gaming, comic books, anime, etc. can be just as much of a scheduling conflict as a Magic tournament.
  • What do my players want? Find out what fits your customers’ lives.

Not sure when to schedule your event? Contact an In-Store Programs representative at[email protected]. We’ll be happy to help!

Add your Website to Organizer Tools!

Don’t forget there is now a place in Organizer Tools to add your store website under “My Information.” This URL, whether it’s your store’s website or Facebook page, will be listed along with your store’s name, location, and other contact information in the Game Night Event Finder. The Game Night Event Finder will be linked prominently on all pages of and in the bi-monthly geotargeted event emails, featured on SCGLive commercials, and advertised in newsletters. If you have questions about Game Night or its exclusive Event Finder, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

Preparing for Success Part 3

Preparing your store and local area for an event is an essential but often-neglected side of holding a tournament. Effective advertisement and “perks” can boost turnout and profit!

Event-day sales have been successful in the past, and advertising the sale along with the event can bring players out to your store. Sale examples include a coupon for all event participants, discounts on all cards for the format of the event, or giving away special products like T-shirts (or other products) with your store logo. Remember, the more people who have your products, the more free advertising you get! Read more

Planning for Success Part 2

You have successfully advertised your event so that anyone in your region who would play is coming. This success has caused a crowd way larger than you expected to show up! It seems like a good problem to have, but delays and other unprofessional behavior can cause a seasoned player expecting a well-run tournament to leave with a bitter taste in the mouth. Do you know the maximum number your tournament hall can hold? Do you have extra tables and chairs to set up? Do you have instructions for overflow parking? Do you have an absolute maximum, and if so, have you advertised this? At the end of the day you want as many people to leave your event, win or lose, with nothing but positive things to say about your tournament and store. Preparation solves problems before they start.

Read more

Planning for Success

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell

The world has changed a lot since Mr. Bell, in part because his preparedness led to successful inventions that revolutionized our lifestyles. With our modern ways of convenience and immediate gratification, the need to prepare has become an unnecessary task in a lot of our daily activities. So what does preparation mean for a Magic tournament in today’s world? At worst, preparation is scheduling the event and hoping that everything goes well; at best, it is a string of responsible decisions with the ultimate goal of marketing yourself to as many players as possible and creating an environment that has new players telling their friends ‘YOUR STORE NAME is the best! You HAVE to come next time.’ In our experience, the difference between just another Invitational Qualifier and an experience people want to share with their friends is all in your preparation for going the extra mile.

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Pre-Approval Check List

Due to the rising popularity of Magic: the Gathering, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of competitive events of all kinds across the country. To assist you in getting your request approved as quickly as possible, we’ve put together some tips to help you avoid requesting unavailable dates.

Following these guidelines will help you get your event approved and accelerate the process.

The Facebook Bump

Social media should be any local game store’s No. 1 advertising vehicle. While there is plenty to do leading up to a Invitational Qualifier or Open Trial, make time for social media during and after the event. The In-Store Programs team will be happy to post your event pictures on our Facebook page, but we should not be the only ones posting those pictures! Players love the recognition at any level of event, and putting up pictures of players enjoying your tournament and letting them tag each other only increases your online visibility.

During the event, you can post pictures and updates so that people can see how their friends are doing. You can post about door prizes that have been given out, display pictures of players with their swag, or upload a picture of a player with a cool playmat. The goal is to give the players not at the event a reason to come to the next one and give the players that are there some recognition.

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