Exclusive Opportunity for Your Prerelease

Launch Your Next Prerelease into the Stratosphere!

Starting February 6th, organizers be able to sign up for our incredibly popular Prerelease Playmat Program for their April Prerelease. 
Take an exciting sneak peek at the artwork for this Prerelease Exclusive Ceature Collection Playmat today! 
Use these playmats as participation items, early registration incentives, prizes, or however you wish to increase store traffic and enchance the Prerelease experience at your store! 
Participating organizers can have their store’s logo prominently displayed on each playmat ordered and will have their location listed on an widely advertised minisite so fans will know where to get this playmat!
For more information on how to take your Prerelease to the next level, check out the Prerelease Playmat Program today!

May Scheduling Now Available!

Please keep the following dates in mind as you schedule your May Invitational Qualifier:

5/4/-5/6 – Baltimore Open Weekend, Grand Prix Dallas
5/12-5/13 – Mother’s Day Weekend
5/18-5/20 – Louisville Open Weekend, Grand Prix Toronto
5/25-5/27 – Memorial Day Weekend, Minneapolis Open Weekend, Grand Prix Washington, D.C.

As always, if you schedule and pay for an Invitational Qualifier Plus within five (5) days of the scheduling window opening, you can get your store’s logo on these playmats!

Invitational Qualifier co-hosts feature offers you more customer engagement tools than ever before!

A Delay for December Scheduling

Hello everyone!

Since December will be the start of Season 1 Invitational Qualifiers for 2018, we will be delaying the opening of December’s scheduling window to October 2nd. At that time we will take requests for both December and January!

Feel free to email us at isp@starcitygames.com if you have any questions.

In the meantime, I thought we could show off the Season One IQ Playmat (it’s Dino-mite!)


November Scheduling Now Available!

Scheduling for November is now open!  Don’t forget if you schedule an IQ Plus in the first 5 days of scheduling we can get your store’s logo on the playmats!

Please remember the following dates while scheduling for November:
11/4-11/5 – SCG Season Two Regional Championships
11/11-11/12 – GP Atlanta
11/18-11/19 – SCG Baltimore, GP Portland
11/25-11/26 – Thanksgiving Weekend

Exclusive Offer for your July Prerelease!

We are excited to once again offer our incredibly popular Prerelease Playmat Program to our StarCityGames.com In-Store Programs Organizers! These playmats can be offered as participation items, early registration incentives, prizes, or however you wish to bring in more fans and enhance the Prerelease experience in your store!