Game Night’s First Anniversary, Good News for Canadian Stores, and November/December Sneak Peek!

Game Night is one year old and still growing! Each month, more and more players discover the fun at stores like yours. Since the start of Game Night, more than 15,000 Game Nights have been held in sixteen countries across five continents!

We have two special announcements relating to Game Night, the first for Canadian organizers in particular. Starting with November’s Game Night kits, stores located in Canada will now pay the U.S. Domestic rate of US$108/month, a savings of US$42 on the standard International rate of US$150/month! We hope this change will encourage more subscriptions from our neighbors to the north.

Our other announcement is a special sneak peek at the last two Game Night designs of the year. We’ve revealed the designs through October, but this is the first chance to see our November and December designs!

Our November design is the Otter! Two of the adorable aquatic mammals frolic around a fish that looks on with suspicion. Otter pins and foil tokens will appear in November’s Game Night kits!


Our December design is the Reindeer! The holiday-themed Reindeer design shows an adorable parent-and-child scene. The Reindeer pins and foil tokens, the latter with creature type “Caribou” to work with Caribou Range, will appear in December’s Game Night kits!


Thanks again to everyone who’s made Game Night a success! If you want Game Night in your store, sign up through Organizer Tools!