Choosing the Right Event Date

When running a In-Store Programs event in your store, timing is everything. Whether you’re running Game Night or a $5,000 Premier IQ, keep these scheduling tips in mind.

  • What other Magic events are around me? If the calendar doesn’t show any Magic events nearby, that’s a good sign for yours to be a success. Dueling events near each other on the same weekend hurt both, and the In-Store Programs team avoids scheduling them whenever possible.
  • How far ahead can I plan? The earlier you request an event, the better your chances of getting it. Early approval and payment mean more advertising for your event!
  • Is it a holiday? Major holiday weekends lower attendance as players make other plans.
  • What’s the local school schedule? Especially in college towns, finals, breaks, and graduations can lower attendance. On the other hand, a one-day break within a week (Veteran’s Day, for example) could be the perfect date to host a weekday IQ.
  • What’s the convention schedule? A nearby “fan” convention for gaming, comic books, anime, etc. can be just as much of a scheduling conflict as a Magic tournament.
  • What do my players want? Find out what fits your customers’ lives.

Not sure when to schedule your event? Contact an In-Store Programs representative at[email protected]. We’ll be happy to help!