Entering Your Event Sanctioning Number

In order for your event to qualify for the 2x Planeswalker Point multiplier, StarCityGames.com® requires the following information submitted into Organizers Tools. StarCityGames.com will submit this information to Wizards of the Coast on your behalf.

  • The sanctioning number for this event.
  • The location and address of the event.

Once we have received the event fee, your event’s status in Organizer Tools will be “Enter Sanctioning Number.”


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On the Event Details page, enter the sanctioning number and save it. This is also the page where you will verify the location information for the event. If the information under Location is not the physical address of this event, please contact [email protected] immediately to update this.


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Once your event status changes to “OK,” you’re all set with the sanctioning number. Remember, the location needs to be correct as well, so please review that when entering your sanctioning number.

Thank you and please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or 540-685-4386 if you have any questions.