Frequently Asked Questions

What is Game Night?

Game Night is a store-run event held every week, designed to increase revenue, in-store traffic, and energize your local Magic community. It offers a fun and friendly environment offering players a chance at exclusive® Creature Collection prizes.

What is Game Night Plus?

Game Night Plus is an upgrade to the existing fun and casual Game Night! Each month stores receive an Event Kit containing exclusive prize support for up to five (5) events PLUS 5 playmats and 10 packs of 50-ct sleeves. Playmats and sleeves may be given out or sold at the organizer’s discretion.

How can I run a Game Night?

Simply sign up for Organizer Tools and click the “Get Started Now” button! For Game Night Plus click the “Upgrade to Plus” button!

Game Night and Game Night Plus are designed for stores of all sizes.

Can I run Game Night as an International Organizer?

Yes! Game Night is worldwide.

Interested in running Game Night Plus as an International Organizer? Please contact us at 540-685-4386 or for more information.

How much does it cost to run Game Night?

The event fee for Domestic (US and Canada) Game Night is $108 per month.

The event fee for International Game Night is $150. Canada falls under the Domestic rate of $108.

International organizers may be required to take advantage of the use of a freight forwarding service. This will reduce the Game Night event fee to $108 per month.

How much does it cost to run Game Night Plus?

The event fee for Domestic (US and Canada) Game Night Plus is $195 per month.

The event fee for International organizers is $275 per month.

What are the Organizer requirements for Game Night?

You must be a brick and mortar store and part of the Wizards Play Network (WPN) to be eligible to run Game Night.

Do I have to sign up again each month?

No. Once you have enrolled in Game Night, we will email you as soon as the newest month’s events are created and are ready for payment through Organizer Tools, like all other events.

Can I sign up for automated recurring billing?

You may sign up for automated recurring billing through PayPal by clicking here.

If you would like to opt-out of automatic billing with a credit card please contact us at 540-685-4386.

If you would like to opt-out of automatic billing with PayPal please follow the instructions found here.

Can I purchase or schedule just a single week of Game Night?

No, Game Night events are purchased and scheduled on a month-by-month basis.

Can I run more than one Game Night per week in my store?

Yes! Please contact us at 540-685-4386 for more information.

When is the event fee due?

The event fee is due on the 10th of the month prior to the scheduled Game Night. If no payment is received by this cutoff, all Game Night events will be cancelled for your account, you will be contacted, and no future Game Night events will be automatically scheduled.

When will my events be created / ready for payment?

Your events will be created and are ready for payment 2 months prior to the month you have scheduled events for.

How do I cancel scheduled Game Night events?

Please contact us at 540-685-4386, and we’ll process your request.

What formats can I use for Game Night?

Any format you like. From Standard to Draft to Commander, it’s up to you. Game Night is flexible by design. Fill a hole in your store’s schedule and have fun!

Do I get to keep all of the entry fees?

Yes! Store owners keep all entry fees collected from players.

What does® provide to store owners?

Game Night provides exclusive Creature Collection prizes (ten pins and forty foil tokens to cover a month’s worth of events), an advertising poster each month, and a listing in the® Game Night Store Locator!

Game Night Plus also features 5 playmats and ten 50-count packs of sleeves in addition to the kit contents listed above.

How do I distribute the prizes?

With prize support for up to five (5) events, be sure to hand out at least two (2) pins and eight (8) tokens at each event in what ever manner you choose.

Playmats and sleeves may be sold or given away at the organizer’s discretion.

What can I do with extra Game Night prizes?

We recommend using extra pins and tokens to supplement other Game Night events, door prizes at any event, or adding them to any non-Game Night event to show your players what they are missing!

If you wish to sell your leftover prizes, please make sure to wait until the month is over before doing so; for example, no selling an extra February Game Night prize until March 1.

Game Night Plus playmats and sleeves are not to be given away or sold until the first of the month; for example, February playmats and sleeves can be sold beginning February 1st.

When can I run Game Night?

Game Night can be run on any day of the week. Choose the day that is best for you and your players!

When can I expect to receive my event kit?

Event kits ship approximately 1-2 weeks before the 1st of each month.

I don’t have a Judge. Can I still host Game Night?

Absolutely! Judges are helpful but not required for Game Night.

Do I earn Organizers Points for running Game Night?

Yes! You earn 100 Organizer Points each month for running Game Night and 200 Points for Game Night Plus. You can also earn 50 Bonus Points each month for enrolling in our automated billing system.