How can I earn bonus Organizer Rewards Points?

Organizer Rewards Points are more valuable than ever! Not only can you use them to purchase free events, but they also unlock special benefits such as advance scheduling, priority approval, and more! Earning Organizer Rewards Points is so easy–simply run events! We’ve also added the ability to earn bonus Organizer Rewards Points by doing what you are already required to do for your events: pay and report your events on time!

When your event is approved, you now have thirty days to complete payment for your event as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. However, if you process your payment within seven days of event approval, you earn 50 bonus Organizer Rewards Points! Not only does this add extra points to your bank, but you also get your advertising up even earlier, which means better exposure for your store.

Another way to earn bonus Organizer Rewards Points is to complete your post-event reporting by the Wednesday following your event. This means uploading your winner’s photo, WER file, and Top 8 decklists into your event in Organizer Tools. This option only applies to Invitational Qualifier events, as Open Trials do not require any post-event reporting.

Organizer Rewards is one of the most exciting programs to be debuted in 2014. While these are two excellent ways to take advantage of this program, more opportunities to earn bonus Organizer Rewards Points may become available in the future!

If you’d like more information on Organizer Rewards, click here!