How should I give out the new IQ items?

As you may have read, we’re changing up the IQ kits we send out for May. These event kits will now include non-foil Invitational champion tokens. We suggest using these as door prizes or providing them to the top finishers at your event.

For July and beyond, we also will be including foil Invitational winner tokens and Judge playmats in each of your event kits. These vary by amount based on the type of event you’re running.

The Judge playmats (1 per IQ, 2 per Super IQ, 4 per Elite IQ, 8 per Premier IQ) should go to the judge(s) of record for your event. They make your event run, so make them feel special!


The foil Invitational winner tokens are yours to distribute as you see fit, but we suggest awarding them to top finishers. Make your IQ Top 8 (or Super IQ Top 12, or Elite IQ Top 16, or Premier IQ Top 50) feel even better about their results! Alternatively the foil tokens may be used as door prizes.