How To Host A Great Competitive Event

1. Communicate with your Head Judge.

  • Be on the same page for all event details. Explain your expectations for them as well as any of your store rules, and ensure they pass on this information to any other judges on staff for the event. Work with them to choose any additional judge staff.
  • Invitational Qualifiers require a Level 1 Magic Judge.
  • Ensure that your judge has access to the Magic Tournament Rules and Infraction Procedures Guidelines.

2. Plan your Doorprize(s)

  • Invitational Qualifiers include four doorprize playmats. You can easily use WER to select a player at random. Remember, these are doorprizes!

3. Set up your tournament area early.

  • Tables, chairs, and table numbers should be set up before players arrive. Make sure that you have ample space for the number of players you expect.

4. Have the supplies your players want.

  • Most players will NOT come prepared, so have surplus decklists printed out beforehand so they are readily available. You can find these here. (You will need only thie first page, not the coverage waivers.)
  • In addition, sleeves, dice, pens, lifepads, snack foods, and soda are all in high demand at large events. Being prepared to sell these to players will display great customer service as well as drive sales.

5. Make sure your scorekeeper is familiar with Wizards Event Reporter.

  • Know how to fix problems before they occur to save valuable time and keep players happy. For example, know how to drop/re-enter players and how to fix an incorrectly entered result. For further information please visit the Wizard Event Reporter Wiki. 

6. Prominently display the time.

  • Make sure your venue has clocks displayed, and plan a way to communicate when the round will end. Ensure this is highly visible to players at all times.

7. Take Pictures!

  • Show the world how great your event was! Send them to us, and we will post them on our Facebook page!

8. Start typing up the Top 8 decklists when the Top 8 begins.

  • You can then copy and paste them into the deck uploader quickly once you have the final standings.

Important Tournament Policies

  • Competitive Rules Enforcement Level (REL), 2x Planeswalker Points multiplyer
  • 50-minute rounds using the Swiss pairing method, then a cut to Top 8
  • Number of rounds is based on attendance (see Appendix E of the Magic Tournament Rules)

Prize Structure

  • These are the minimums for prize support, but you’re welcome to exceed them.
Invitational Qualifier Prize PayoutSuper Invitational Prize Payout
1st$250 cash, Qualification for a Invitational, Playmat, Top 8 Pin$400 cash, Qualification for a Invitational, Playmat, Top 8 Pin
2nd24 Packs of Current Set, Playmat, Top 8 Pin$200 cash, Qualification for a Invitational, Playmat, Top 8 Pin
3rd-4th12 Packs of Current Set, Playmat, Top 8 Pin$100 cash, Playmat, Top 8 Pin
5th-8th6 Packs of Current Set, Playmat, Top 8 Pin$50 cash, Playmat, Top 8 Pin
Organizer Discretion50 Invitational Winner Tokens, 16 SCG Premium Vouchers75 Invitational Winner Tokens, 16 SCG Premium Vouchers, 4 Playmats
Judges1 Judge Playmay and 1 Judge Token2 Judge Playmats and 2 Judge Tokens