® is making Game Night even better in 2016 with Game Night Plus!

Game Night Plus gives organizers the ultimate Parody Collection package for just $195 per month:

  • 40 FOIL Game Night tokens
  • 10 Game Night pins
  • 5 playmats featuring the Game Night design
  • 5 packs of sleeves (80-ct.) with the Game Night design

The playmats and sleeves put the “Plus” in Game Night Plus, and they’re all yours. Sell them in your store, show them off online, make them Game Night prizes – it’s up to you!® will release its 2016 Parody Collection products monthly to coincide with Game Night. That means stores will be able to sell their Parody Collection playmats and sleeves while players compete for tokens and pins featuring the same artwork! Whenever® advertises its Parody Collection products, it will mention local game stores as well, encouraging players to seek out organizers who have signed up for Game Night Plus!

And because our Parody Collection bundles will be a Game Night Plus exclusive,* you’ll have even more of an advantage over the competition!

Here’s what Game Night Plus stores will get in January, when Grizzlybrand visits a campsite near you:


Game Night Plus is just $195 per month,** shipping included! Each month’s Parody Collection playmats and sleeves alone are a $140 retail value, making this one of the best deals we’ve ever offered organizers!

And as a special bonus, organizers enrolled in our Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) for Game Night Plus will get a 30-day coupon for $30 off Creature Collection retailer bundles each month when their ARB payment goes through!

So what are you waiting for? Visit your Organizer Tools page and get signed up for Game Night Plus!

* Our quarterly Creature Collection offerings will still be available for purchase as Retailer Bundles.

** Organizers outside the United States and Canada should contact directly for specific details about participating in Game Night Plus.