Frequently Asked Questions

An Invitational Qualifier (IQ) is a store-run event designed to make money, increase in-store traffic, energize the local Magic community, and offer players a chance to qualify at their local store for the Star City Games Invitational.

An Invitational Qualifier Plus includes all of the normal IQ kit contents along with additional promotional items and your store’s logo on the playmats for only $50 more.

Invitational Qualifiers can be Modern, Pioneer, or Standard. Other formats may be approved for individual events under special circumstances.

The event fee for an Invitational Qualifier is $350.00.
The event fee for an Invitational Qualifier Plus is $400.00.

The maximum entry fee for events is $35 for Invitational Qualifiers.

Yes! Store owners keep all entry fees collected from players.

Star City Games® provides extensive event advertising, enhanced Planeswalker Points multiplier, assistance in locating appropriate staff, Digital Media Kits, and promotional items to be used at the event.

Stores must provide a comfortable, welcoming play area for the event along with appropriate event staff. The store is responsible for providing the minimum prize payout for the event as outlined by Star City Games®. Star City Games® is happy to provide assistance in locating staff for your event.

The organizer is responsible for the entire cash payout to the players the day of the tournament.

Simply sign up for Organizer Tools to get started! Your store needs to have comfortable seating for 40+ players and be able to award the $1,000 prize pool upon completion of the tournament. If you do not meet these requirements, please contact us to discuss other Star City Games In-Store Programs!

Qualifications earned are valid for the next Invitational. Invitational Qualifiers taking place between November 22nd, 2019 and June 11th, 2020 qualify for the Star City Games Invitational at SCG Con Summer on June 12th-14th.

Star City Games provides extensive marketing for your event, including a listing on the Star City Games Event Locator, Star City Games Facebook Advertising, In-Store Programs Google Calendar Listing, SCG Tour Features, Regional Advertisements at the SCG Tour, and a Front Page link on for the two weeks before your event!

Event kits should arrive at your store approximately 2 weeks before the event date. If you do not have your kit 10 days before your event, please contact [email protected]

After you upload the event using WER, open your event in Organizer Tools and upload:
  • WER file (Export Event under the Save menu)
  • Winner photo
  • Top 8 player information – names and emails – and decklists
  • Any additional photos you would like posted to the Star City Games® Invitational Qualifiers Facebook Page

Organizers are allowed to pair up their Invitational Qualifier with a Wizards of the Coast event such as a WPN Qualifier or Preliminary, Players Tour Qualifier, or another Wizards of the Coast special event.