Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Invitational Qualifier?

An Invitational Qualifier (IQ) is a store-run event designed to make money, increase in-store traffic, energize the local Magic community, and offer players a chance to qualify at their local store for the Invitational .

What is an Invitational Qualifier Plus?

An Invitational Qualifier Plus includes additional promotional items and your store’s logo on the playmats in addition to the normal IQ kit contents for only $50 more.

What formats can I use for an Invitational Qualifier?

IQs can be Standard or Modern. 

How much does it cost to run an Invitational Qualifier?

The event fee for an IQ is $350.00.

The event fee for an IQ Plus is $400.00.

How does the SCG Guarantee work?

If your Invitational Qualifier has less than 45 players, will provide a coupon good for the event fee for your next IQ.

In order for an event to qualify for the SCG Guarantee, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The event fee must be received in full within 30 days of the event being approved.
  • There must be 6 full weeks before the event date in order to allow for complete advertisement.
  • The event cannot be paid for via a prior Guarantee Coupon.
  • Events held at a convention are not eligible for the SCG Guarantee.
  • Post-Event Information must be received within 7 days of the event date.
  • The event cannot be on or within 2 days of a holiday, Game Day or set launch weekend to be eligible.

The SCG Guarantee will no longer apply to events occurring after December 2nd, 2018.

What do I charge for entry?

The maximum entry fee for events is $30 for Invitational Qualifiers on or before December 2nd, 2018.

After December 2nd, 2018, the maximum entry fee for Invitational Qualifiers is $35.

Do I get to keep all of the entry fees?

Yes! Store owners keep all entry fees collected from players.

What does® provide to store owners? provides extensive event advertising, the SCG Guarantee for events that qualify, event sanctioning assistance, assistance in locating Magic Judges, IQ Digital Advertising kits, and promotional items to be used at the event.

What does the store have to provide to the players?

Stores must provide the minimum prize payout for the event as outlined by®. They need to staff a certified Magic Judge.® is happy to provide assistance in locating judges for their event.

What level judge do I need for my IQ?

All Invitational Qualifiers require at least one certified  Level 1 Judge. Please staff appropriately and enlist multiple judges if you anticipate very large attendance.

If you need help finding a Judge, please contact us and we will put you in touch with your Regional Coordinator.

Magic JudgeApps also provides extra assistance in finding a judge.

You are responsible for making sure a judge is at your event.

Who is responsible for paying out the IQ cash prizes?

The organizer is responsible for the entire cash payout to the players the day of the tournament. Please note that the cost of these prizes are factored in to the SCG Guarantee.

How can I run an Invitational Qualifier?

Your store needs to have comfortable seating for 50+ players and able to award the $1,000 prize pool upon completion of the tournament. Simply sign up for Organizer Tools to get started! If you do not meet these requirements, please contact us to discuss other options!

Which Invitational does my event qualify for?

Qualifications earned are good for the next Invitational.

What advertising does my Invitational Qualifier receive? provides extensive marketing for your event, including a listing on the Event Locator, Newsletter Promotions, Facebook Advertising, IQ Calendar Listing, SCG Tour Features, Regional Advertisements at the SCG Tour, and a Front Page link on for the two weeks before your event! Invitational Qualifiers also receive direct Geo-targeted advertisements bi-weekly via email.

When can I expect to receive my event kit?

Event kits ship approximately 2-3 weeks before the event date.

What do I do when my event is over?

  • Take a picture of the winner and upload the event to the WPN.
  • Open the event in Organizer Tools, and upload the WER file and winner photo.
  • Enter your Top 8 decklists into the form provided.
  • Upload any additional photos you would like us to post.

Can I run my Invitational Qualifier in conjunction with a PPTQ or GPT?

Per the WOTC announcement found here, WPN Premier Events (PPTQ, GPT, Prerelease, etc.) may not be combined with any other type of event.