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Why to host an Invitational Qualifier

  • Best In-Store Programs – No other company offers the quality of events or support that® supplies with the Invitational Qualifier program
  • Simple & Standardized – Players know exactly what to expect with the® Invitational Qualifier branded tournaments, and our organizers receive everything they need for a tournament in one box.
  • Advertising for Your Store – IQs are promoted on® on every page and with our Event Finder. We create all the advertising for your store. You simply need to share our events and promote in-store!
  • Regular Rewards – Every IQ you host and report on-time rewards you with a 10% off coupon for your next IQ or IQ Plus. Receive either a discount on your next IQ or upgrade to IQ Plus and still receive a discount!

Success, Guaranteed.

We are so confident in the quality of StarCityGames® Invitational Qualifiers that we guarantee at least 45 players at your IQs! If attendance does not meet that minimum, StarCityGames® will issue a coupon redeemable for a free Invitational Qualifier or $350 off an Invitational Qualifier Plus.

To help you reach the guaranteed attendance numbers, Invitational Qualifiers offer extensive event advertising including a® Event Finder listing, a personalized Invitational Qualifier Facebook Event page, a front page listing on®, and much more!

For more in-store advertising, visit the Digital Media Kit Page for printable IQ event flyers, Facebook event photos, and more!

To qualify for the Guarantee, the event fee must be received in full within 30 days of approval and at least six weeks before the event date.

2017 Season One Event Kits


Advertising Poster




Table Tents


Retired Playmats


Invitational Qualifications


Top 8 Playmat


Top 8 Pin

  • Invitational Qualifier
  • $350
  • Event Kit Contains:
  • 2 Invitational Qualification
  • 8 Top 8 Pins
  • 8 IQ Playmats
  • 50 Table Tents
  • 4 Retired Playmats
  • 50 Invitational Winner Tokens
  • 50 Exclusive ISP Tokens
  • 1 Promotional Poster

Extensive Marketing

  •® Event Finder listing
  • Bimonthly geotargeted event email listing
  • Event listings on regional® orders
  • In-Store Programs Google Calendar listing
  •® Facebook page advertising
  • Invitational Qualifier Facebook page event
  • Sidebar Link on®
  • SCG Newsletter listing

Minimum Prize Structure

  • 1st: $400, Qualification for a® Invitational, 3 SCG Points, Exclusive® Playmat, Top 8 pin
  • 2nd: $200, Qualification for a® Invitational, 2 SCG Points, Exclusive® Playmat, Top 8 pin
  • 3rd-4th: $100, 1 SCG Point, Exclusive® Playmat, Top 8 pin
  • 5th-8th: $50, Exclusive® Playmat, Top 8 pin

Grand Prix hosts may substitute cash prizes with a minimum of 10,000 Prize Wall tickets.

Judge Requirements

L2 Head Judge OR Two L1 Judges

Other Requirements

Tournament organizers are required to submit a winner photo, Top 8 Decklists, and DCI Reporter or Wizard Event Reporter file in Organizer tools. If you have any questions about running an IQ, please see our FAQ. Invitational Invitational Qualifiers offer two qualifications to the next Invitational, a path that leads to a share of $100,000 and a spot on the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour! Take advantage of the excitement surrounding these prestigious events by offering your players an opportunity to start their journey.