In-Store Programs Event Scheduling Updates!

The SCG In-Store Programs event scheduling window for January is now OPEN!

January 16-17 is the Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease weekend and no In-Store Programs events will be scheduled. 

The 2016 Winter Invitational Qualifiers playmat features new artwork by Kristen Plescow:

Pick Your Battles


Thanks to you, 2015 has been the biggest year ever for In-Store Programs!  Over the past few years the tournament landscape, demand for events, and number of options available for players has shifted dramatically.  Along side that, we have observed trends in attendance in relation to scheduling time and practices.  Our goal has always been to provide you with events that put you in positions to succeed and generate more traffic in your store, so in order to continue providing that we’ve made a few updates to our scheduling practices in order to encourage and enable you to get the most out of your Invitational Qualifier and Super Invitational Qualifiers.

Cancellations, Downgrades, and Rescheduling

Being flexible is an important part of the industry, and we want to encourage you to host the most successful event for your players as possible. However, we have observed that event changes made on short notice have an extended impact on not only the event, but also the players and overall schedule. In order to provide better service for all customers, the deadline for short-term notification has been expanded from 21 days to 30 days prior to the event date.

Emergencies and situations caused by nature are handled separately and not subject to these terms.

Scheduling and the SCG Guarantee

Based on our collected data, events scheduled fewer than six weeks out receive lower attendance than events scheduled with more lead time. Though we have tried in the past to accommodate organizers requesting last-minute events, we have concluded that allowing these last-minute events does a disservice to players and organizers alike. For 2016, events requested fewer than six weeks from the event date will be declined.

In addition, certain dates have consistently produced lower turnout for events. While select individual events have succeeded on those dates, we no longer encourage hosting such events. We will not prohibit organizers from holding events during those times, as organizers know their particular customer bases best and these weekends can be successful with the appropriate promotion, but the SCG Guarantee will not apply on the following dates:

  • Magic Game Days
  • Events held on or within two days of the following holidays:
    • U.S. Federal holidays (e.g. Memorial Day, Labor Day)
    • Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Halloween

With a new year on the horizon, we look forward to providing even better offerings and hearing your success stories.  As always, feel free contact us if you have any questions regarding building your event, and thank you for your continued participation in In-Store Programs!

Schedule your January SCG In-Store Programs events NOW!