New IQ Event Kit and Designs!

The Summer 2015 season of In-Store Programs is approaching quickly! Here’s the latest news.

The New IQ Event Kit!

We’ve taken feedback from organizers like you to make our Summer IQ Event Kits our best ever.

Our Invitational winner tokens have been immensely popular, so we’re giving you more! In addition to the regular Invitational Winner tokens in each kit, we’re adding FOIL tokens scaling with event size:

 IQs  8 Foil Tokens
 Super IQs 12 Foil Tokens
 Elite IQs  16 Foil Tokens
 Premier IQs  48 Foil Tokens

These foil tokens will make great incentives for casual and competitive players alike.

Players aren’t the only ones who’ll enjoy new rewards in the Summer IQ Event Kits. For the first time we’re including Judge Playmats as well! Honor the people who help your events run smoothly with this special design.


As with foil tokens, the number of Judge Playmats per kit scales with IQ tier:

IQs  1 Judge Playmat
 Super IQs 2 Judge Playmats
 Elite IQs 4 Judge Playmats
 Premier IQs  8 Judge Playmats

To make room for the new rewards in the Event Kits, we’ve dropped two low-rated promo items, the dice bags and the Creature Collection parody pins.

Summer 2015 In-Store Programs Designs!

A new season brings new designs, and is proud to reveal the Summer 2015 images that will appear on playmat prizes and other branded items from July through September.

The Invitational Qualifier (IQ) design is “The Greater Power!” Robin Alphard has tapped into the true power of her staff and cowed her dragon foe.


The Open Trial (OT) design is “Cider Celebration!” An apple tree, a few barrels, and a raised mug invite players to savor the simple joys in life.


Don’t Forget About Game Night!

There’s still time to order Game Night for May! Place your order by April 11 and we’ll send a kit with our Bee design buzzing on its way.

May 2015

We’re also taking sign-ups for June Game Night, featuring our Bunny! Order now to send the Bunny hopping into your store!

June 2015

Thanks for being part of In-Store Programs!