Welcome to In-Store Programs!

Star City Games is proud to present In-Store Programs for organizers across the United States and beyond. We offer events for all sizes of stores and provide unique and exclusive prizes that players can’t get anywhere else as well as exclusive advertising!

Price Expected Attendance Audience More Information
$350.00 40+ Players Competitive FAQ
$400.00 40+ Players Competitive FAQ
$100.00 10+ Players Casual

Marketing Benefits

Star City Games In-Store Programs allow you capitalize on the popularity of Magic by offering easy-to-run tournaments in your own store, rewarding current players, and creating new traffic. We reach players through the Star City Games website, Star City Games newsletters, Facebook, and more to ensure your store’s name and events get the attention they deserve!

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Judge Assistance

No Judge? No problem. When requesting events, organizers may indicate that they need assistance in locating a judge. In-Store Programs will work on your behalf to locate a judge for your event.

JudgeApps is also a helpful tool for finding judges for your event. Simply create your event and select the time frame for judge applications. Alternatively, you can also use the site to locate and contact judges in your area.