Frequently Asked Questions

An Open Trial is a store-run event designed to make money, increase in-store traffic, energize the local Magic community, and offer players a chance to win free entry into the main event of an SCG Tour Weekend at their local store.

No, there are no restrictions on entry fees for Open Trials. However, we recommend running Open Trials as casual events, and we caution against high entry fees that discourage casual attendance.

Yes! Store owners keep all entry fees collected from players.

Open Trials can be run as any format!

Star City Games® provides extensive event advertising, Digital Media Kits, and promotional items to be used at the event.

Open Trials have their own category in the Star City Games® Event Finder and are featured on Event Fact Sheets as well as on the front page of Each Open Trial also has its own entry in our In-Store Programs Google Calendar and is highlighted in our Direct Marketing Emails. Our social media team also monitors Facebook and Twitter for mentions of #SCGOpenTrial to push your posts and help increase the reach of your event!

Yes! Open Trials can be a great way to add exciting, exclusive prizes to any event that you are running and may be combined with any Star City Games® or Wizards of the Coast event.

No. While we encourage running Open Trials as sanctioned events, you do not need to provide the sanctioning information to Star City Games.

Event kits should arrive at your store approximately 2 weeks before the event date. If you do not have your kit 10 days before your event, please contact [email protected]

No, a judge is not required for Open Trials.

The vouchers awarded by Open Trials expire on December 31st, 2024.

You must advertise how you will distribute the Free Entry Voucher prior to the event. The remaining prizes can be distributed however you wish. We suggest door prizes, registration rewards, and prizes for top performers, but anything that gets the kit contents into the hands of your players works!

Post-event reporting for Open Trials is optional. You may provide a .WER file as well as report a winner and their decklist to be posted on Doing so within 5 business days of your event will earn you a 10% coupon off your next Open Trial. Reporting this event provides good experience for Invitational Qualifiers which do require post-event reporting.

You can run up to one Open Trial per week.

The event fee for a Star City Games Open Trial is $100.00.

Simply sign up for Organizer Tools to get started! Your store needs to have comfortable seating for 10+ players.