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What Are Open Trials

Open Trials are the flexible and affordable way to bring the excitement of the Open Series to your store, offering free entry vouchers, byes and more! Use the prize kit from your Open Trial to run a whole new tournament of your own or simply add the prizes to your pre-existing weekly event. Take advantage of our geotargeted regional marketing while rewarding your players at the same time! Any format, any style, any day of the week.

Organizer Rewards

Earn rewards for supporting your local community, unlock special perks and earn free events! Visit our Organizer Rewards page for more information.

Winter Playmat!

“A Day of Rest” playmats are available during the Winter Season (January – March 2015).2015 Winter OT Playmat, Illustration by Kristen Plescow.

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Winter Event Kits

“A Day of Rest” Event Kits are available during the Winter Season (January-March 2015).


Promotional Poster


Table Tent




Open Series Free Entry Voucher


Premium Voucher

Lower Costs, Not Standards

  • Open Trial
  • $100
  • Event Kit Contains:
  • 1 Open Series bye
  • 1 Open Series Entry Voucher
  • 4 Open Trial Playmats
  • 25 Table Tents
  • 1 Poster
  • 4 1-Mo SCG Premium Vouchers

Extensive Marketing

  • Event Finder listing
  • Bimonthly geotargeted event email listing
  • Event listings on regional orders
  • In-Store Programs Google Calendar listing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Ads at all regional Open Series Events

Open Trial Prizes

  • 1 Open Series Bye
  • 1 Open Series Entry Voucher
  • 4 Open Trial Playmats
  • 4 1-month Premium Vouchers