What is® Organizer Points?® Organizer Points show your commitment to bringing In-Store Programs to your community. Organizer Points give you an edge in scheduling events as a reward for your continued participation in our programs.

How do I earn® Organizer Points?

You earn points by running® In-Store Programs events.


Game Night

Game Night Plus


IQ Plus

Base Points





What is the SCG Organizer Community?

The SCG Organizer Community is a Facebook group that allows approved ISP organizers to interact with’s ISP representatives and brainstorm/discuss ideas with one another in order to increase sales and grow local communities.

What is Priority Approval?

Priority Approval means your events will be approved before organizers in a lower tier. The In-Store Programs team will process pending applications from the highest tier level organizers first, in descending order.

What is Priority Scheduling?

Priority Scheduling means that, depending on your status tier, you will have access to scheduling an event or events before the scheduling window officially opens to other organizers.

When are points credited to my account?

For Invitational Qualifiers, points are awarded to your account when your WER file is uploaded to the event in Organizer Tools. For Game Night, points are awarded on the first of every month enrolled. Note that such updates may not be instantaneous and could require a business day or more to appear.

If you have questions about your points, please contact us at 540-685-4386.

Do my points expire?

Your points reset every January, but your tier level is locked in from the previous year. If you make tier 3 in 2017, you will stay in tier 3 for 2018, for example.

Why are my points listed as Pending?

Points are listed as pending until your WER file is uploaded to your event in Organizer Tools. Also note it may take up to a business day for your points to transfer.

There is a problem with my point total, what do I do?

Please contact an ISP Representative at 540-685-4386 if you believe there is an issue with your point total. Note it may take a business day before the issue is handled.

Where can I find the full Terms of Service?

You can read the full Terms of Service HERE.