Planning for Success

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell

The world has changed a lot since Mr. Bell, in part because his preparedness led to successful inventions that revolutionized our lifestyles. With our modern ways of convenience and immediate gratification, the need to prepare has become an unnecessary task in a lot of our daily activities. So what does preparation mean for a Magic tournament in today’s world? At worst, preparation is scheduling the event and hoping that everything goes well; at best, it is a string of responsible decisions with the ultimate goal of marketing yourself to as many players as possible and creating an environment that has new players telling their friends ‘YOUR STORE NAME is the best! You HAVE to come next time.’ In our experience, the difference between just another Invitational Qualifier and an experience people want to share with their friends is all in your preparation for going the extra mile.

The Invitational Qualifier program allows you to plan your events three months in advance. We highly recommend scheduling your events this far out as it allows for several beneficial things to occur. The advertisements that we provide will have the maximum time to appear on our advertising mediums. The rest comes with your preparation for promoting your event. We highly recommend using the Facebook page that we create to invite your players, link to your own Facebook page and promote the event. This way when someone unfamiliar with your store finds the page on, they will see all the buzz surrounding the event.

There are many other ways to prepare for advertising your event. If there are colleges nearby, have you contacted their newspaper, clubs, or any other extracurricular groups whose interests could line up with what your store provides? Is there a local calendar of events promoted by a chamber of commerce or similar entity? Are there other game stores in the area you can partner with to promote each other’s events? Have you searched the internet and Facebook for local interest groups that would line up with your store? These are just a few questions that can lead to you finding and tapping into local markets that did not know you existed.