Promote Your Prerelease!

The® Prerelease Playmat gives players a reason to spend the weekend at your store!

Whether you want to encourage early registration, help new players feel welcome, or give your store’s superstars something special to compete for, the Prerelease Playmat is a fun and flexible way to meet your goals!


Every time players look at their Prerelease Playmat, they’ll remember your store when they see your logo. Sign up early and this service is FREE on every Prerelease Playmat you order!

For the Twitter-savvy store owner, tag us @StarCityGames and use the hashtag #SCGPrereleasePlaymats in your tweets. Our retweets will help give your store even more exposure!

Also, when visitors to® see the Prerelease Playmat advertised on our site, they’ll learn where they can get it on our dedicated mini-site. The Prerelease Playmat is your chance to put your store’s name in front of dedicated players with money to spend!

Prerelease Playmat Bundle

  • Prerelease Playmat Bundle
  • $150
  • Bundle Contains:
  • 15 Prerelease Exclusive Creature Collection Playmats
  • Your store’s logo on each playmat
  • Free shipping to US and Canada

Ready To Get Started?

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    Click “Create An Event” to order your exclusive Prerelease playmats

  • Finalize

    Pay for your order in full by the requested date

For more information, please email We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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