Important Changes to Season Two Invitational Qualifiers!

The In-Store Programs team strives to improve our events based on your feedback and new opportunities, and we have three exciting new announcements for Season Two Invitational Qualifiers!

  1. Invitational Qualifiers now only require one L1 judge to run. Please staff appropriately and get more judges as needed, but we understand sometimes a solid L1 is all you need.
  2. Table tents will no longer be included with IQs starting in July. Our table tents are durable enough that many organizers have asked us to stop sending them every time. Between that feedback and the existence of table tents from Wizards of the Coast, we will no longer send them by default with IQ kits.
  3. You can now have your store’s logo added to your Top 8 IQ playmats if you purchase an IQ Plus kit! Here are the details:
    • This will be available for IQ Plus events scheduled for August through December. The event fee for IQ Plus events will be $400.
    • IQ Plus events will only be approved within the first 5 days of the scheduling window for a given month.
    • To ensure delivery on time, we must schedule, process payment, and receive logos for IQ Plus events no later than 5 days after we open scheduling for that month.
    • Upon approval, we will provide you with a link to upload your logo, as well as details on file requirements.

Karma Carnelian by Andrea Radeck

Please give us a call at 540-685-4386 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments about these changes!