Get more exposure for your Prerelease!

Thank you for ordering the Owl of Devastation playmat.

For additional exposure, please tweet @starcitygames with pictures of your playmats, and we’ll retweet!
To ensure that we can retweet your picture: 
  • Please take the photo in good lighting and be sure to capture your logo.
  • Use @starcitygames and #SCGPrereleasePlaymats in your tweet.
Thank you again for working with us to bring our Prerelease Playmat Program to your players!

IQ Judge Requirement Update

Based on feedback from organizers, we are amending the IQ judge requirement. Effective immediately, you are no longer required to have an L2 or two L1 judges at your IQs. Organizers will again be able to host an IQ with a single L1 judge. Please use your best judgment and staff appropriately.

Exclusive Playmat for your Prerelease!

We are excited to once again offer our incredibly popular Prerelease Exclusive Creature Collection Playmats to our In-Store Programs Organizers! These playmats can be offered as participation items, early registration incentives, prizes, or however you wish to bring in more fans and enhance the Prerelease experience in your store! You can also have your […]

Exclusive Opportunity for your Prerelease!

For years, has created exclusive playmats to offer at our own Prereleases. If we have any leftovers, we offer them on our website the following Monday and often sell out extremely quickly. We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding this promotion so In-Store Programs Organizers can get now offer the same exclusive playmats to […]

Order Your 2015 Creature Collection Retailer Bundles!

The Creature Collection is bigger and better than ever in 2015 and we’re excited to offer you special Creature Collection Retailer Bundles of our first-quarter designs! Our first-quarter Creature Collection designs match the Game Night themes from January through March, making them a great way to add value to those weekly tournaments in particular and all your Magic tournaments in general. Our adorable Creature Collection products also make great impulse purchases in your store and at events!

The magic number for the first-quarter 2015 Creature Collection Retailer Bundle is “three.” Each first-quarter 2015 Creature Collection Retailer Bundle contains:

  • Three designs (Mammoth, Wolf, Rat)
  • Three complete product sets for each design
  • Three items in each product set (playmat, pack of sleeves, and dice bag)

Each 27-item Creature Collection Retailer Bundle, a $233.73 retail value, is available for just $124.99!

First Quarter 2015 Creature Collection Retailer Bundle includes Mammoth, Wolf and Rat! is also offering first-quarter 2015 Parody Retailer Bundles! These bundles feature our new card parody, Eturtle Witness, and includes FIVE Eturtle Witness playmats, sleeve packs, and dice bags. Each 15-item Parody Retailer Bundle, a $154.85 retail value, is available for only $79.99!

First Quarter 2015 Creature Collection Parody Retailer Bundle features Eturtle Witness

Order your Creature Collection Retailer Bundles and Parody Retailer Bundles now!

Introducing Flexible Payment Option!

For any small business, flexibility is key. In-Store Programs is proud to offer a Flexible Payment Option (FPO) for eligible organizers who’ve reached Level 2 in Organizer Rewards. The Flexible Payment Option allows organizers to defer payment for most events* until 30 days before the event date.

The FPO is available by application only. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Level 2 organizer in good standing
  • Located in the US or Canada
  • No events canceled for late payment in the past 12 months (excluding Game Night)
  • No more than two events paid late in the past 12 months

FPO participants receive the following benefits:

  • Advertisements for FPO events posted on approval
  • SCG Guarantee for FPO events with event fee received 30 days prior to event date
  • Organizer Rewards bonus points with event fee received at least six weeks before event date

Once approved for FPO status, you will receive these benefits indefinitely. All you need to do is maintain Level 2 status and ensure that your event fees are submitted at least 30 days before their start dates!  Event fees received after that period will result in cancellation and temporary suspension of FPO status.  For full FPO details, please review the Organizer Rewards FAQ.

To apply for the Flexible Payment Option, simply email your regional representative or call 540-767-4263 x292.

* FPO not available for Game Night, States, and Regionals. Late or failed payment for non-FPO events will count against FPO status.

Scheduling for March Now Open

Ready to schedule your March In-Store Program events? Sign-ups are now open!

Two important reminders:

No events may be scheduled March 21-22 due to the Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease.

Open Trials prizes now include a bye to an Open Series event!

Schedule your March 2015 In-Store Program events here!

Byes Now Included in Open Trials!

It’s going to be an exciting year for Organized Play and with today’s announcement, the Open Series is changing formats to an even larger two-day event! Alongside this change, we are pleased to add even more value to Open Trials starting in 2015. Each Open Trial will now include a one-round bye to any Open Series event! Best of all, Open Trials are retaining their current price point of just $100.

Open Trial kits will now include:

  • 1 Open Series free entry voucher
  • 1 Open Series bye
  • 4 Playmats
  • 25 Table tents
  • 1 Promotional poster
  • 4 vouchers for a free month of Premium

In keeping with the flexible nature of the Open Trial, the bye may be awarded based on the criteria you determine for your event – it is not required to be awarded to the winner. To ensure that your players are able to utilize their hard-earned prize, we do ask that you report the recipient of the bye via Organizer Tools. You will not be asked to provide IQ level reporting; simply use the first place decklist position in the Event Details to submit the winner’s name and DCI number.

Capitalize on the excitement of these new changes and schedule your 2015 Open Trial today!

The December Game Night Creature Is…

December’s Game Night Creature Collection prizes feature the Turtle! The sandcastle-stomping 3/3 Beast already has appeared on a range of products, including playmats, sleeves, dice bags, and deck boxes. gameNightSwag201412Now players have a chance to win Turtle foil tokens and pins for one month only! Organizers will receive 40 FOIL Turtle tokens and 10 Turtle pins, as well as a promotional Game Night poster featuring the Turtle for the month of December.

IQ Entry Fee Increase!

We’ve heard feedback from organizers like you about the $25 maximum entry fee for IQs. Starting in October, we’re increasing the maximum entry fee to $30! Two important points to note:

The $30 entry fee will be the new default. You’re welcome to charge less, but contact us with that information so your advertising will be correct.

The Event Guarantee is adjusting to match this increase, guaranteeing the following numbers of players per event:

  • 25 players for Invitational Qualifiers
  • 50 players for Super IQs
  • 90 players for Elite IQs

This guaranteed amount fully covers the event fee and prize support incurred with running these events, so organize with confidence!

If you have any other questions about the IQ entry fee increase, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Thanks for being an Organizer with us!