Gamers Giving Back

You may have heard of this month’s featured store on Daily MTG back in November. Derrick Sheets of Game On Chattanooga was able to take some time out of his busy Prerelease weekend to answer some questions about his store, his Grub for Gamers event, and how to keep players coming back.

I asked Derrick how long his store has been running Magic tournaments, and he was proud to tell me that not only have they been running tournaments since they opened their doors but they had run fourteen booster drafts that day! Derrick has played in (and won) Invitational Qualifiers before and said, “We have a good, solid competitive core of players in our area; it only seemed logical to run IQs.” Read more

Managing Your Budget

Over the last two months we have talked about the types of prizes and the types of structures that can help draw different types of players to your events. This month we are going to discuss budgeting for events by figuring out how much prizes you will be giving away per person.

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I am having trouble scheduling an event due to conflicts in my area. What can I do?

While we know this can be frustrating for some organizers, there are a couple things you can do to help secure dates for your events:

  • Become a Level 3 Organizer. You can do this by earning 5,000 Organizer Rewards Points, which then grants you three days Priority Scheduling ahead of Level 1 and 2 Organizers. As you continue to earn more and more Organizer Rewards Points and gain higher status, your Priority Scheduling time increases as well. Level 4 Organizers earn five days Priority Scheduling, and Level 5 Organizers earn seven days Priority Scheduling. Double Point events and Bonus Points are also two great ways to help you earn even more points than by just running regular events.

  • Be on the lookout in your inboxes, where we let you know when new scheduling windows open up.

  • Cross-promote with other area organizers to increase the availability of the calendar and to encourage even more players to attend your event.

We try our best to work with you to find dates for your events, so if you are ever having trouble finding a date or need assistance please feel free to email us and we will do whatever we can to help!

The SCG Players’ Championship & You!

Welcome to the first edition of the In-Store Programs Newsletter in 2014. I hope you’re enjoying all that the new year has to offer. recently announced a huge new addition to the Organized Play stable: the SCG Players’ Championship! In addition to being a huge bonus for all the players out there, this announcement is very good for you. Social media has been on fire with comments from players looking to increase their Open Point totals by attending Invitational Qualifier events. Be sure to take advantage of all the excitement and get some new players into your store. Also, don’t forget to register for an Open Trial March 24th through March 28th to earn double Organizer Rewards Points!

Preparation for Profit

How does a store that’s been open for only a month get over 70 players at their first Invitational Qualifier? How did that impact the store running the event? I asked Jennifer Dery, tournament organizer at Comics and Gaming — Culpeper, these questions about their recent super-successful Invitational Qualifier. The Culpeper location opened up exactly one month before their first Invitational Qualifier and had more than double the average Invitational Qualifier attendance with their first event.

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Event Structure

Last month we talked about the types of players that you are likely to see at your events as well as some of the types of prizes that you can offer to attract those players. This week we’ll look over event structure and how each way to run your event has benefits and drawbacks for you and your players.

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Schedule your April Events Today!

Ready to schedule your April In-Store Program events? Sign-ups are open now!

One important reminder:

  • No events may be scheduled April 11-12 due to the State Championships.

Schedule your April 2015 In-Store Program events in Organizer Tools!

When will I receive my Organizer Rewards Points for my events?

In Organizer Tools, Organizer Rewards Points are calculated in a two-step process:

  1. Pending Points are added automatically when your event fee for any Open Trial or Invitational Qualifier is received.
  2. Pending Points convert to Available Points after the completion of your event for Open Trials and after your WER file has been uploaded for Invitational Qualifiers.

Available Points are what you may use to purchase future events, while Total Points reflect total points accumulated and your Organizer Rewards Status Level. If you have any questions regarding your points, please feel free to email us at, and don’t forget to email us when you’re ready to redeem your Organizer Rewards Points!