2015 Organizer Rewards Updates!

Happy New Year! While I’m not one for resolutions, we do have plenty of goals for 2015. Number one is to continue improving In-Store Programs to offer you the best value and support for your business that we can. We already have some exciting news and announcements to help start off on the right foot.

First, a little bit of housekeeping. Over the next few days you’ll notice the Total Points section of your Organizer Rewards Points drop back down to zero (or at least to a very low number, if you’ve already run an event in 2015 or are signed up for Game Night). Meanwhile, your Available Points and Pending Points will remain unchanged. So what does all this mean? All the points and rewards you earned from 2014 are still there. If you ended the year at Level 2, all those benefits are in place until the end of 2015!

Speaking of Organizer Rewards, the goal was to create a system that provides increasing benefits as you participate in ISP. I’m happy to announce that the point thresholds for 2015 have become even easier to reach. First, Game Night now awards 100 points per month, with 50 bonus points each month if you are enrolled in automated billing. Open Trials moved to a base of 100 points, but also now have the potential for 100 bonus points!

The biggest change to Organizer Rewards: we’ve reduced the points required to reach each level!

fullStaremptyStaremptyStaremptyStaremptyStar fullStarfullStaremptyStaremptyStaremptyStar fullStarfullStarfullStaremptyStaremptyStar fullStarfullStarfullStarfullStaremptyStar fullStarfullStarfullStarfullStarfullStar
Points to Level 0 1,500 3,000 6,000 8,000

With more points being given out for events and improved thresholds, we hope to see even more of you earning the benefits of Organizer Rewards!

Speaking of benefits, we have a big addition for you, starting right now: the Flexible Payment Option! Eligible organizers may now defer their event fee until 30 days from the day of the tournament, while still receiving full marketing benefits from the date the event is approved. Full details are available here.

We thank you all for a fantastic 2014 and look forward to an even bigger and more rewarding 2015!

Introducing Flexible Payment Option!

For any small business, flexibility is key. StarCityGames.com In-Store Programs is proud to offer a Flexible Payment Option (FPO) for eligible organizers who’ve reached Level 2 in Organizer Rewards. The Flexible Payment Option allows organizers to defer payment for most events* until 30 days before the event date.

The FPO is available by application only. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Level 2 organizer in good standing
  • Located in the US or Canada
  • No events canceled for late payment in the past 12 months (excluding Game Night)
  • No more than two events paid late in the past 12 months

FPO participants receive the following benefits:

  • Advertisements for FPO events posted on approval
  • SCG Guarantee for FPO events with event fee received 30 days prior to event date
  • Organizer Rewards bonus points with event fee received at least six weeks before event date

Once approved for FPO status, you will receive these benefits indefinitely. All you need to do is maintain Level 2 status and ensure that your event fees are submitted at least 30 days before their start dates!  Event fees received after that period will result in cancellation and temporary suspension of FPO status.  For full FPO details, please review the Organizer Rewards FAQ.

To apply for the Flexible Payment Option, simply email your regional representative or call 540-767-4263 x292.

* FPO not available for Game Night, States, and Regionals. Late or failed payment for non-FPO events will count against FPO status.

April Event Scheduling Now Available!

Ready to schedule your April In-Store Program events? Sign-ups are open now!

One important reminder:

  • No events may be scheduled April 11-12 due to the StarCityGames.com State Championships.

Also, check out the new Spring 2015 Invitational Qualifier and Open Trial artwork!

Schedule your April 2015 StarCityGames.com In-Store Program events in Organizer Tools!