The SCG Players’ Championship & You!

Welcome to the first edition of the In-Store Programs Newsletter in 2014. I hope you’re enjoying all that the new year has to offer. recently announced a huge new addition to the Organized Play stable: the SCG Players’ Championship! In addition to being a huge bonus for all the players out there, this announcement is very good for you. Social media has been on fire with comments from players looking to increase their Open Point totals by attending Invitational Qualifier events. Be sure to take advantage of all the excitement and get some new players into your store. Also, don’t forget to register for an Open Trial March 24th through March 28th to earn double Organizer Rewards Points!

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One important reminder:

  • No events may be scheduled April 11-12 due to the State Championships.

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Open Trial Advanced Scheduling Now Available!

This year has been an exciting one for In-Store Programs, and we are most looking forward to the year to come! We have a lot of new and exciting things planned for 2014; keep an eye on your inbox on January 6th to find out about the new promotions available along with the opening of signups for the Spring Season. For a holiday surprise, we’ll let you in on one improvement early! You can now sign up for Open Trials on weekends no matter how far ahead the date is in the season. For more details, check out the Mailbag below!

If you have any suggestions or requests for things we can do to improve the In-Store Programs experience for you, please feel free to Email Us. Thank you for all you have done to make 2013 a great year for your local communities. See you in 2014!

Premium Plus Swag Packs Now Available!

Have you heard the news? Premium Plus Swag Packs, our newest addition to our line of promotional items, have finally arrived! They contain all of the items you love from the Premium Swag Pack along with eight randomly assorted out-of-print Invitational Qualifier and Open Trial playmats from previous seasons. You can add one to your event for the low price of $70! That’s twelve playmats and more for less than three entry fees!

Premium Plus Swag Packs are now available for purchase for the remainder of the Fall 2013 season. Starting in 2014, Premium Plus Swag Packs will also award 80 Organizer Rewards Points with all Open Trial and Invitational Qualifier events. Take advantage of this amazing value today!

Winter 2014 Scheduling Open!

There are many exciting things coming your way in the Winter Season! Our newest program, Organizer Rewards, is our way of saying thank you for all of the effort organizers put into supporting their local Magic communities. Organizers will earn Organizer Rewards Points that unlock exclusive benefits when scheduling, free events, and more!

Also, all Winter Season events that include a Swag Pack or Premium Swag Pack will receive an exclusive Limited Edition Liz Nugent Creature Collection Penguin Pin! This high-quality detailed pin will only be available through our In-Store Programs Swag Pack and Premium Swag Pack purchases. Each Swag Pack will contain one pin, and Premium Swag Packs will contain two. These will only be included while supplies last, and our quantity is limited. Order yours today!

Welcome to the first In-Store Programs Newsletter!

Welcome to the first In-Store Programs Newsletter! Each month, we’ll report on some of the most successful stores, fill you in on the latest In-Store Programs news, hand out sage advice, and answer your questions. We hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out the newest addition to Open Trials – Swag Packs and Premium Swag Packs! Now you can add value to your event with the same products you love from the Invitational Qualifier Swag Packs, featuring the Open Trial art and branding. Pick yours up today!