How should I give out my Game Night prizes?

Like most everything with Game Night, prize distribution is entirely up to you, the organizer. There really is no wrong way to hand out the prizes as long as they’re going to your players on Game Night. That said, here are a few tips to help you decide on a Game Night prize structure that will increase your Magic customer traffic on Wednesday nights.

Is your crowd full of competitive “Spikes?” How about a pin for 1st, tokens for the Top 8, and the second pin as a door prize? With a competitive group, you may want to add store credit or packs to the prize pool.

Splitting the prize support down the middle will work for stores with a wide variety of players. If you know some players seldom will make the Top 8, why not turn half the prizes into door prizes to give everyone a reason to come back? You can give a pin to 1st, tokens to the Top 4, and then use the other pin and tokens as random door prizes. This is also a good option for stores with many players participating in Game Night to keep the numbers high.

What if you’re doing a Commander tournament for Game Night and can’t or don’t want to figure out places? You can use all the pins and tokens as door prizes or encourage good player behavior by awarding prizes based on that. Just be sure that everyone knows how to earn prizes going into Game Night!