International Organizers

Star City Games® is proud to run In-Store Programs all across the globe! If you are interested in running International events, visit Organizer Tools to sign up or contact an ISP Representative by email ([email protected]) or phone (540-685-4386) to help get you started.

Events Offered:

$350 USD 40+ Players Competitive FAQ
$400 USD 40+ Players Competitive FAQ
$100 USD 10+ Players Casual

Prize Payouts

International Organizers are responsible for providing the minimum prize payout for all Invitational Qualifiers the day of the event. Entry fees and prize support may be converted to local currency. If you would like to substitute transportation (such as a plane ticket) for a portion of your prize support, please contact us and we will discuss this option.

Freight Forwarding

We understand shipping can be a hassle, so we recommend using Freight Forwarding as a means to ensure your products will arrive in a timely manner for your events. Here is a list of Freight Forwarders that some other organizers have used:

In-Store Programs Freight Forwarding Companies

Organizers in Brazil, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador and Peru: The use of a freight forwarding service is required in order to ensure timely arrival of your event kits.