Invitational Qualifier co-hosts feature offers you more customer engagement tools than ever before!

When you host an Invitational Qualifier, you will be designated co-host on the Facebook custom event page. Here are some tips to make the most out of this new opportunity:

Spread the word. Regularly share the event on your Facebook page and within local & regional groups. On the event, simply click Share, then Share in News Feed to build up buzz (“Share” and “Share in News Feed” should be bold).

Get started early. You’ll be designated as co-host from the moment your Invitational Qualifier’s advertising is created. Start sharing your events immediately to maximize customer turnout.

Engage your customers. Boost your attendance by creating excitement, answering questions, and reaching out to the community.

Keep growing. As co-host, you’ll be able to invite Facebook friends directly to your event. Utilize this new tool with regular event sharing to make your events larger than ever! Just because your last Invitational Qualifier was a success doesn’t mean the next one can’t be even bigger!