July marks the beginning of Season Two for the SCG Tour with points and qualifications at Invitational Qualifiers going toward the SCG Invitational in December.

This will also be your players’ first chance to win our new Invitational Qualifier Top 8 Playmat with art by Andrea Radeck.

Karma Carnelian by Andrea Radeck

We appreciate everyone who has worked with us so far to make IQs even more important and unique for competitive Magic. We are also actively collecting your feedback and are working to improve!

Effective immediately, you are no longer required to have an L2 or two L1 judges at your IQs. While it is still a good idea to have multiple judges when attendance greatly surpasses expectations, we understand that sometimes one, solid judge is all you need for the day.

For your part, please use #scgiq on social media when sharing or promoting your IQs. We look for this hashtag multiple times every day in order to help spread your message. Help us help you.

Finally, here are the dates to be aware of in the month of July. These do not include our unannounced SCG Tour dates for July, but our team will work with you to avoid conflicting with those!

  • July 1st – 2nd: SCG Season One Invitational in Roanoke, VA
  • July 8th – 9th: Hour of Devastation Prerelease
  • July 15th – 16th: Hour of Devastation Launch
  • July 22nd – 23rd: GP Toronto

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Best Wishes,
StarCityGames.com® In-Store Programs Team