Keep it Clean!

Believe it or not, one of the most common complaints that customers have about game stores is the lack of cleanliness and amount of clutter. Game stores carry many products, and sometimes overstock can start to pile up in the storefront. Mix this with players who order takeout and leave it behind on the tables and all of the sudden your store is a mess! How can you keep it all together?!

The first step is to make sure you stay organized. Display your product effectively, keep your eons-old Ice Age commons filed away, and make sure you have a place for every item in your store, stock or otherwise. Also, be sure to keep the countertop where your customers check out clean as well. It’s okay to have some small display items for “impulse buys,” but don’t overload the space so much that they can’t set their items down to pay!

How do you wrangle the amount of trash that piles up on the play tables? Making sure you have an adequate number of trashcans for your play space is the most important step. Also,place them in convenient spots so players can easily discard their trash without hassle. You may also want to set up a designated eating area for anyone chowing down on food. For your booster drafts or sealed events, have your judge or store employee pick up the wrappers immediately after the players open their packs. Don’t be afraid to make announcements asking players to pick up their trash! A friendly reminder to keep the space clean should be all you need.

Lastly, make sure your restrooms are in tip-top shape! A clean restroom will earn praises from gamers all around. To most customers, this is one of the most important rooms in your store, so giving it extra TLC will keep those impressions in your favor. A three-minute wipe down every few hours goes a long way!

As simple as it sounds, your customers will appreciate the amount of care you put into keeping your store clean. Players are more likely to return to a store if it is clean and well organized! That’s it for this edition of Tricks of the Trade. See you next time!