Preparing for Success Part 3

Preparing your store and local area for an event is an essential but often-neglected side of holding a tournament. Effective advertisement and “perks” can boost turnout and profit!

Event-day sales have been successful in the past, and advertising the sale along with the event can bring players out to your store. Sale examples include a coupon for all event participants, discounts on all cards for the format of the event, or giving away special products like T-shirts (or other products) with your store logo. Remember, the more people who have your products, the more free advertising you get!

One of the hardest things to do at a Magic tournament is finding time to get lunch. There are several ways to make this experience better for players. Have a list of nearby restaurants with driving times available. For any restaurants that will deliver, make sure you have a list of them available with their menus. Contact a local pizza place about getting a large number of pizzas to sell at a couple of dollars a slice.

Even if players can’t attend your event, they can still participate. Make sure to post information about the event on Facebook, like pictures, standings, and results, to get folks talking. Getting this information online is quick, simple, and doesn’t take money from your advertising budget!

Your tournament and the experience your players have are what you make of them! While guarantees a minimum number of players, the minimum should never be your goal or expectation. Finding unique and better ways to improve your tournaments is key to being a tournament organizer. If you ever have any questions or want to talk about ways to prepare for and improve your tournaments, please call us at 540-767-4263 and ask to speak to In-Store Programs.