Putting Your Face on Facebook

While almost all StarCityGames.com Organizers have Facebook pages for their stores, not everyone takes full advantage of the amazing power it puts at your disposal. Here are a few simple tips for getting maximum value out of Facebook.

Make A Page – Don’t just create a new account for your store; make an actual page for it. You can do this by clicking on Create a Page at the very bottom of the screen and following the simple instructions. If your store has a Facebook page, we will link to it as the event location.

Update Daily – Whether you’re posting about the day’s scheduled events, promoting future tournaments, or showing off new product that came in, you should find a reason to post something to your store’s page once a day. This keeps your store in people’s minds and shows them you’re on top of things.

Upload Pictures – Try to take pictures as often as you can of your events, your merchandise, and the awesome knick-knacks in your store and upload them to your Facebook page. You want to let people who have never set foot in your store see how nice it is. Also, you want to let your regulars tag themselves and share your pictures. StarCityGames.com Organizers also have access to a Digital Media Kit inside Organizer Tools with banners perfect for promoting Invitational Qualifier and Open Trial events on Facebook.

Use Our Facebook Events – The Facebook event pages are linked from the main page of StarCityGames.com, but we’re not the only ones who should promote them! Share your event on your Facebook page and invite your customers to it. Encourage them to share it and invite others as well.