is making IQs and Super IQs better with IQ Plus!

Invitational Qualifier Plus (IQ Plus) is a new option that offers improved IQ and Super IQ prize support designed to get more players in your store and increase IQ attendance! IQ Plus amps up the prizes at your IQs, allowing for more door prizes, increased prize payouts, and new features! On top of the current IQ prize support, IQ Plus offers additional playmats, dice bags, tokens, and artist prints! We’ve tailored the contents of our prize kits to specifically target players that aren’t currently attending IQs based off data from our recent survey with more than 4,000 responses. Get more with Plus!


For just $30, you get:

  • 2 retired playmats
  • 2 retired dice bags
  • 16 retired random tokens
  • 16 new tokens (8 tokens of two new designs)
  • 2 artist prints (current IQ art)

We’re excited to offer this new upgrade to an already successful program! The new tokens will update with each new Magic set, offering the most popular custom tokens from for the current expansion. The artist prints will show off the newest IQ art on 11 x 8.5 signed 80LB glossy paper.

The first IQ Plus and Super IQ Plus events will begin in June. Sign up in Organizer Tools to schedule your store’s IQ Plus today! Get more players, get more prizes, get more with Plus!