The ISP Scheduling Window is Changing!

Welcome to the March In-Store Programs newsletter!

Before the 2014 Spring Season begins next month, Star City Games has an important announcement about the scheduling window for ISP event sign-ups. Instead of opening on a season-by-season basis, the scheduling window will open by months. At the beginning of April, July will open for event sign-ups. At the start of May, the August scheduling window opens, and so on.

To go along with the scheduling window change, the In-Store Programs newsletter will arrive in your inbox at the beginning of each month starting April 2nd. Each newsletter will also serve as the announcement for the opening of the newest scheduling window. When you receive your next newsletter, July event signups will be open.

Organizers like you gave us feedback about the scheduling window. You spoke and we listened! If you have any questions about the new scheduling window, please email us at[email protected].