Weekday Invitational Qualifiers Now Available!

Greetings from In-Store Programs! As you probably have noticed, we have been making some big changes here in ISP and we are excited to announce another one! On a case-by-case basis we will now be approving weekday Invitational Qualifier events. Last month, Get There Games in Staten Island ran the first weekday Invitational Qualifier with a great 53-player turnout. If you are interested in running a weekday IQ and are confident of its success, please email us at [email protected]

On another high note, the power of IQs was on full display at the Season One Invitational in Charlotte. Derrick Sheets, owner of Game On Chattanooga, made time to play in and win an Invitational Qualifier at another store in order to secure his seat at the Charlotte Invitational which he then went on to win! Congrats to Derrick!

August is now open for event scheduling, so sign up today!